Kazoo Awards - 2013

The Kazoo Awards for 2013 were presented at ConChord 25/Conjunction 2013 on October 20, 2013. Winners below, followed by rest of nominees.


Robot Space Explorers

Surprise! by Leslie Fish
Build Another Martian Rover by Lee Gold
The Probe Cassini by Gary McGath
Sojourner by Mark Horning
Spiting Murphy (the Voyager Victory Song) by Harold Feld


Mercenary Schlock

Jacques Chretien by Gordon Dickson
The Amorph by Rodney Bliss
The A Team by Susan MacDonald
Dendarii's Privateers by Andrew Ross
Don't Ask by Frank Hayes

I should probably mention that Howard Taylor, creator of the comic "Schlock Mercenary" was artist GOH, and kindly supplied me with a decoration for the kazoo, hence the title. No comment on the nominees intended. :) My thanks to the folks on the Schlock Mercenary page on Facebook who when asked about songs about the comic presented me with two specially written for the occasion! I could only use one of them - two Dorsai songs was stretching things as it was, but both have been passed on to Lee for Xenofilkia consideration.


I Fell Out of My Chair

The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster by Brooke Abbey
Aral's Nightmare by Lee Gold
Evil Eyeball by Sybille Machat
The Guy Who Changes the Lightbulbs by Carla Ulbrich
The Lightbulbs in Brandywine by Bob Kanefsky



Big Ty's Ride by Mark Bernstein
Boundless?? by Blake Hodgetts
Fellowship Going South by Leslie Fish
Pushing the Speed of Light by Jordin Kare
Take Me Apart by Eben Brooks

As a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy song, Take Me Apart turned out to be particularly appropriate for the con, given that Douglas Adams was one of the two Ghosts of Honor (the other was Bob Asprin).


Everybody Sing Along!

I Had a Shoggoth by Tom Smith
High Fly the Nazgul by Ted Johnson
Re: Your Brains by Johnathan Coulton
They Were Afraid to Go Into the Dungeon (aka The DM's Revenge) by "the Group" (Heather Stern, Jan Kelson, et al.)
Zombie by Peter Alway

In retrospect this category should probably have been named "Sing Along With Scary Monsters". Oh well. :)