ConChord 5 - 1989

The fifth ConChord marked the birth of the Kazoo Awards. These were thought up by Tera Mitchel with some help by John and Mary Creasey, who I gather produced the actual awards. My thanks to Mara Brener for digging up records of ConChord 5 and 6.

Best Dressed Guitar: Tera Mitchel
Black tie and tails

Computer Song: Kathy Mar for Calm Down
Binary for "it's only ones and zeros", for techie song with the largest number of variations

Con Chair: Paul Willett [Chair]
Rhinestone covered, "for Hard Work"

Duet: Chris Weber and Karen Willson
Two kazoos glued back-to-back

Liberace: Alan Thiesen
Covered with silver glitter with candelabra

Mr. GoH: Bill Roper
Silver "for being the highlight of the con"

Mrs. GoH: Carol Poore Roper
Gold "for putting up with the GoH".

Osemaster: Gary Anderson
Black enamel with dangling sword

Osemaster: Bill Roper
Black enamel with dangling sword
Bill and Gary left the stage playing The Emperial March from Star Wars on their prizes.

Parody: Jane Mailander
Covered with ants

Schtick: Jane (later James) Robinson, PhD
Covered with sequins

Silent (guitar): Rick Weiss, for virtuoso silent guitar playing Tiny Tim for “Tiptoe Through the Tulips
plugged with silicone sealant "for strange performances in poor taste"

Sweetness & Light: Cathy Cook-Macdonald [Toastmistress]

X-Rated: Mara Brener for Funicula, Funiculu
In plain brown wrapper