Rábanos Radiactivos number 1
Written by Fred Patten and published on Bruce Pelz's mimeograph, October 18, 1964. Intended for Apa L, *First Glorious Mailing*, LASFS meeting #1419, October 22, 1964. Address: 5156 Chesley Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90043. Phone: Axminster 1-1310.
DETENTION II in 1966! Jock Root for TAFF! Salamander Press #52


Witness thou the birth of a new apa.

Such an event is always an historical occasion, and this is no exception. Doubtlessly it will be recorded in the MENACE for the benefit of posterity, but just to play safe, let us go back to that fateful evening of October 15 ...

The 1418th Meeting of the Los Angeles Fantasy Society was a small one. People drifted in tardily by ones and twos. Nobody bothered to set out the chairs; those present just used the ones already lined up along the walls -- attendance was that light. Our principal officers were nowhere in sight; the meeting was finally brought to order, even later than usual, by the Junior Committeewoman. There was almost no business, and after confirming Ed Baker's appointment as Official Club Chowderhead, the Meeting slowly began sinking into apathy. Motions to adjourn could be seen trembling on the lips of several members.

Then, suddenly Bruce Pelz got up. As a publishing fan, he said, he had been noting the progress of Apa F, the recently formed weekly apa of New York's Fanoclasts. Some of its members, fearing that he did not believe in its existence, have been sending him their Apa F zines; one even sent him a complete Apa-F mailing. Bruce exhibited it and passed it around. In short, he felt that, since outer fandom has for so long been copying the ways and customs of the LASFS, it was about time we returned the favor and borrowed a good idea from somebody else. In other words, set up our own weekly apa -- Apa L!

This galvanized the Meeting into life. The fanzine fans present all heartily approved Bruce's resolution, and each promised to participate as much as was possible. Plans were laid to fix Owen Hannifen's mimeo (inoperable for lo, these many months), and it was proposed that the Labyrinth throw open its doors a few hours before each meeting, so that those interested in participating who do not own their own publishing equipment can bring down their prepared stencils and run them off there. Don Fitch began considering names of apples to use as titles for his Apa L zine. Ted Johnstone (who had by then arrived and taken over the Meeting) promised to prepare next week's issue of THE LASFS NEWSLETTER as an Apa L zine. Tom Gilbert thought he might be able to put something through that would add dignity and bulk to the first mailing. Phil Castora thought it was a delightful idea. If Ed Baker had recovered from the effects of discovering the Green Duck in time, he would be glad to do something. Redd Boggs didn't say anything, but he looked interested. Even Dan Alderson, a non-publishing fan, was heard to murmur that it certainly sounded worth investigating; and several other local fans who have never been notable in fanzine fandom remarked that they might consider taking a crack at publishing an issue or two. With this show of spirit, Bruce proposed that we start immediately, setting the next week's meeting as the date for the First Mailing, with 20 copies as the minimum required for free distribution to qualify as an Apa L zine.

From lackadaisical despondancy, our meeting had become alive and vibrant. The publishing fen eagerly tossed ideas for their new zines back and forth. The non-publishing members of the club were equally enthusiastic at the prospect of getting fanzines for free. Our Poetry Committee excitedly dashed off the following bit of verse, which I grabbed and herewith present as a memento of the occasion:

Apa-L! Apa-L!
Our voices swell into a yell
Of joyous greeting with a well--
Cried accolade of praise for such
A noble group; our club's own much--
Liked publishers, whose golden touch
In utt'ring fanzines has brought fame,
Notoriety and acclaim,
To grace our Hall. They now proclaim
That for our pleasure they'll unite
To bring to all of us the might
Of their fine skill in such a sight
Of pubbing zeal that must dispel
The slightest doubt that, truth to tell,
Here is the Apa-nonpareiL!

We could hardly await the next Meeting to find what the First Mailing of Apa L would bring. Even after the Meeting was adjourned, Apa L continued to be the chief topic of conversation at Kal's and, later, at the first post-LASFS gathering at the Labyrinth of Valeron, where Jack Harness (who hadn't been at the Meeting) said he'd produce some Harnessian artwork for the mailing. It wasn't until after midnight that we finally broke up, and I returned home to start laying out the plans for my own Apa L zine.

- oOo -

This, then, is the immediate history behind the founding of Apa L -- or Apa-L, ApaL, APA L, APA-L, or however it will come to be spelled. As to the result of this wild and feverish planning, this Meeting should tell the tale. This little zine of mine is being dashed off to ensure my position as a Charter member of our new private apa; title taken out of a Mexican comic book, contents based on last week's LASFS Meeting, and I'll be taking it out to Bruce Pelz tomorrow to be published on his mimeo (and to get my SAPS mailing at the same time). Owen's mimeo won't be fixed until next month sometime, but when it is, I predict some wild pre-meeting pubbling sessions as the new Lab. (Just like the good old Fan-Hillton days, eh Jack?) The effective period of LA Fandom's weekly meetings (as opposed to the formal LASFS Meetings held between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m.) may stretch out to as much as 6 hours every Thursday.

In fact, the new Lab may turn out to be the first real slan shack we've had since Mathom House broke up. With two quarters of the quadruplex already rented, all we have to do is find some fans willing to rent the others as soon as they become vacant, and we're in! I understand Bill Blackbeard is moving soon -- does he have a definite place picked out yet? What's Ernie Wheatley doing these days? It'd be nice to get him back in touch with fandom. Where will Earl & Gail Thompson be living now that they're married? Let's see if we can get everybody working together on this.

Guess that's it for now. See you next week!

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