Rábanos Radiactivos number 10
Written by Fred Patten and published on the Grishnakh House mimeograph, December 24, 1964. Intended for Apa L, Tenth Distribution, LASFS Meeting #1428, December 24, 1964. Address: 1825 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90025. Phone: GR 3-6321.
LONCON II in 1965! Jock Root for TAFF! Salamander Press #66.


Being even later than usual this week, what with getting a N'APA Mailing out and producing my own first zine for the comic book apa, Kappa-alpha, I'm preparing this issue of RR at the LASFS Meeting itself. The Meeting is going on in Johnstone's apartment downstairs, and we are assembling the Distribution in Harness' apartment upstairs; the Meeting is at the Labyrinth tonight because, being the Night before Christmas, the city has kindly closed down the Silverlake Playground. All this is by way of filling in the background and filling up a stencil; I want to get finished and get in on the Xmas Gift Exchange. Onward.

The elections last week proved a pleasant surprise to me. For the first time in my life, every candidate I voted for was elected. For the record, this is Dave Hulan for Director, Jack Harness as Secretary, Betty Knight as Treasurer, Bruce Pelz as Senior Committeeman, and Tom Gilbert as Junior Committeeman. Hank Stine had to march Tom into the backroom at gunpoint to keep him from declining, and Dian asked Hank if she could be his gun moll. I hope you don't resign, Tom; I frankly think you're the best man for the job. By now, you've met almost everybody who ever comes to the club currently, and you can certainly be excused if some old-timer like Bruce Yerke should show up and you don't recognize him -- at least 90% of the club today wouldn't. Heck, back when I first joined the club, and went forth Filled with Enthusiasm before learning who everybody was, I tried to recruit Bob Lichtman into Fandom. Your overenthusiasm is not of the bumptious sort, which is the only annoying kind, and no old-timer should have any complaints if you greet him warmly and offer to introduce him to the current club; he probably won't know must of us anyway. So stick with it; I don't see how you can help but do a better job than just about every other Junior Committeeman we've had since I joined the club.

I've just seen Barton Werper's third "new Tarzan" book -- seen it; I haven't read it. Snake people yet! It sounds like Werper's been borrowing more from one of Mexico's pseudo-Tarzan comic books, which abounds with snake people, zebra people, eagle people, and the wildest assortment of thing-people (including Invading Kewpie Dolls from Outer Space, at one point) I've seen since Flash Gordon left Mongo. I shall file Mr. Werper's novel with my comic books and forget it. And let's hope this is the last of them.

I'm glad to see OVER THE SEA TO SKYE back in the Distribution. The only thing wrong with it is that it should be a little more spaced for easier reading, and should be illustrated -- preferably by Bĵo, or Don Simpson. Any chance of redoing the stencils with illos before reprinting it in QAR or elsewhere? How about submitting it to one of the better Comics Fan artists for illustrating in one of CF's zines? At any rate, keep the story coming -- though I suppose you'll have to wrap it up soon, if it's a story "for the season". A sequel, then, by all means.

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