Rabanos Radiactivos 129

This is the last issue of RR that will be coming out of the above familiar address. When I published the new LASFS Fan Directory a couple of months ago, I didn't realize that I would be one of the first fen to move and make it inaccurate again. However, that's what's happening. Even worse, one of the most stable addresses in local fandom will be disappearing. 1825 Greenfield Avenue has been an actifan's haven ever since Al Lewis & Ron Ellik moved in 5 years ago; why, just last week, MIT-fan Mike Ward was a house guest while he was job-hunting in the L.A.-area. But, no more, no more.

I'm moving down to Orange County, because I've got a new job down there. You may recall my accusing Dian Pelz a few weeks back of keeping me from getting a better job than I then had, by voting for Ronald Reagan; because the job I was offered was frozen out from under me by Reagan's edict of no more hiring in state-salaried positions. Well, the mere fact of having a more tantalizing job than I'm now working at waved in front of me, made me dissatisfied enough with my present lot that I got up and started looking around on my own for something new. I found it in a company called Xerox Professional Library Service; a private industry recently taken over by the Xerox Corp. that basically does pre-processing of books for libraries that don't want to handle the job of typing out library cards and pasting labels in their books themselves. The libraries that contract with X/PLS lets us know what they want, and we get the books and send 'em on all ready to be checked out as soon as they're unpacked. PLS was a small company, servicing mostly school libraries locally; but since Xerox took over and started pouring money in, it's expanding in wild leaps. It just started advertising on a national scale a few months ago, and it wants to grow upward to get a chain of college and university library accounts. To handle this, PLS needs more than just a few typists, so that's where I come in, as the first of (presumably) a new staff of professional librarians. Everything's in a state of confusion right now, and I'll be helping to make some order out of the chaos. It's hard to say just what I'll be doing; basically, I'll be learning and growing along with the company itself, in an experimental position with Xerox's backing. Anyhow, it all sounds a lot more interesting than my stodgy old position at the University of Southern California, where I'd be lucky to get a promotion or do anything new before another two years. I start my new job with PLS on Monday, and will be living at my new address as of then.

Actually, Ed Baker's moving out of 1825 and the prospect of having to pay the whole rent bill by myself, was another factor in my looking for a new job; I decided I might as well make a clean break with the old. My new job will be paying me about $50 a month more than I'm making now, with the prospect of a lot more frequent increases; and the rent on my new house will be less than I'd have to pay on 1825 Greenfield Ave., or any place of comparable size (I have a large collection to house), by myself. So I think it'll all work out for the best. The only thing that I regret is moving so far away from L.A. fandom, which is to say just about all of the friends and social life that I have. Still, I won't be that far away -- not much farther than Don Fitch, actually, and he comes in to LASFS every week -- so I probably won't be missing too much, after all.

I went down to Garden Grove lat Saturday, and Ron Ellik helped me to house-hunt, pointing out which areas had low rents in nice neighborhoods, with shopping centers nearby, and so on. I picked my new home that afternoon: it's a duplex, like I'm currently living in, but much more recently built and clean. There should be plenty of room for all my belongings, including my big bookcases. It has two bedrooms, the 2nd of which I'll turn into a combination fan den & guest room, so that I can continue to put up visiting fen. The landlord seems a reasonably nice sort, who says he doesn't care what I do as long as I pay my rent on time and don't annoy the neighbors. There's plenty of room in the garage for the LASFS Rex Rotary and the collating rack. (It looks as though the LASFS Rex will be coming with me, since there don't seem to be any other shareholders who want it who have room to keep it; though the club hasn't finally decided on this, or on any other disposition of club property in storage at 1825 Greenfield Avenue, yet. I don't want to have to pack all of it down with me.) Within about a block's walk, there's a large grocery store, a 24-hour laundromat, a barber shop, and a dry-cleaning shop; within four blocks is a 24 hour supermarket and a drug store, plus several gasoline stations. I'm only about a 5-minute drive from the heart of Santa Ana, and a 10-minute drive from my new job -- and about 15 minutes from Disneyland. All in all, it seems to be a pretty ideal location for me.

I've been coming and going during the week, moving my belongings in and getting a phone installed, the gas hooked up, and so on. (Or making appointments to get same done; they should all arrive tomorrow afternoon.) I hope to have my new house in a livable condition by this weekend -- i.e., bed & kitchen facilities moved in -- and I'll finish moving leisurely over the next month. The rent of 1825 Greenfield Avenue is paid up through May 15th, and I don't think I can get any of it back, so I'm in no hurry about having to move out. but the big move is to be this weekend, and you are all hereby invited to a MOVING PARTY, this Sunday beginning at 10:00 a.m. out here at 1825 Greenfield Avenue, where we will all have loads of fun toting around boxes of books and stoves and chairs and things, and hauling 'em down to my new address, which is:

1704-B South Flower Street, Santa Ana, California, 92707

And while I may not be able to fix spaghetti like Bĵo, I will treat everybody to the best of my culinary abilities. (Peanut-butter-&-Jelly sandwiches for all!) No, seriously, there will be nibblements & other goodies provided, and I'll try to arrange for something more, besides. There'll be a regular housewarming party at my new home after it's all set up, but that probably won't be until a while after this weekend. However, we can certainly have a housebreaking party at 1825 Greenfield Ave. after the moving, so everybody come on out to work early & play late -- if you don't do the 1st, you don't get to join in on the 2nd. That's this Saturday at 10 a.m., remember. 1825 Greenfield Avenue has seen a lot of fanac in its 5-year life; let's send it out in style!

Incidentally, if any of you have cameras, I'd appreciate it if you'd bring 'em over so we can get some pictures of this house for fannish posterity, before it's finally vacated. Even if we don't publish 'em in Apa L, I'd like some photos for myself. I'll be glad to pay for any pictures I like.

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