Rabanos Radiactivos 141

The further adventures of Captain Frehan of the Orbital Patrol will have to be postponed for a couple of weeks, since I've been too busy with WesterCon preparations to translate any more of that Spanish paperback. Indeed, considering that I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow helping set up the Art Show and my Comic Book Room exhibit, that I'll be busy from Saturday until Tuesday with the WesterCon itself, and that I'm gong to see "Man of La Mancha" on Wednesday night, there's a good chance that I may miss next week's Apa L altogether. But I don't really expect this to happen.

The Comic Book Room exhibit is coming along fine -- the parts of it that I'm assembling from my own collection, at any rate. Fortunately, I've got enough stuff of my own to put on a pretty good display, though I'll be padding it out with some material borrowed from other sources. The exhibit will be slanted toward the non-Comics Fans -- the average s-f fans, and the casual public, who don't know the artistic difference between Kubert and Kane, or the exact date when Superboy first met Lana Lang, and really couldn't care less. There'll be a big display of foreign comics, mostly because I've got such a big stock of these to pick colorful examples from, showing comic books from different countries, and how European comic books differ from American comic books. Then I've got a display of American and European fanzines, with a brief layman's description of the two fandoms. Comics as serious literature -- a display ranging from a cheap paperback reprint of a collection of comic strips, to expensive books tracing the history of the comic art form. I was hoping to assemble an exhibit showing how a comic book is produced, with examples for each step in the process, out of material that Bernie Zuber was going to borrow from the local Gold Key offices for me. However, it seems that the local offices only handle the writing and drawing of the comics, and the material is then sent to the offices back East to be printed, so I can only get the first half of the exhibit. I may be able to throw a colorful sop to the costumed-hero fans in the form of an exhibit of forgotten costumed heroes of the past, such as Air Wave, Hydroman, the Green Lama, and others, if I can do some borrowing here -- I have almost no really old comics in my collection. And finally, there'll be an assortment of miscellany, such as the biggest comic book, the smallest comic book, a Conan comic book from Mexico, a children's fantasy novel that's really an anti-comic book polemic, and others. Come in to see the exhibit, and I hope you find it interesting, even if you don't know or care much about comics. That's the purpose for which it was designed. Your comments on the exhibit will be appreciated, of course; if it's popular enough, we may try to line up something like it for the Pan-Pacificon.

Zanahorias Electronicas

Fred Hollander -- Somehow, all those places like the Infinite Mind don't sound like the sort of attractions that you could take a LASFS theatre party to. I suppose you have to discover them by yourself for them to have full effect on you. I was wondering whether you (group) are going to try to set up anything like that at the Hill -- the interior decoration bit, I mean?

Jean Berman -- Congratulations. As usual, I haven't even started my SAPSzine yet. I'm glad that the OEship is back in Southern California, so that we last-minuters can start crowding the deadline again.

Jerry Jacks -- I got a sort of weird feeling myself, watching the U.N. drone on boringly on such topics as what time to reconvene the next day, all the while that people were being killed in the Mid-East. However, what did you expect the U.N. to actually accomplish? It has as much power as its member nations give it. If it's to act against some "nation" such as Katanga, that everyone is against, that's one thing. But against two powers such as Israel and the Arab Bloc, when both have strong supporters -- that's something else. I agree that Israel can probably do best for herself under the present situation by dealing directly with the Arab states, from her current position of strength; however, I wouldn't count the U.N. out as a force of some influence, just yet. ## The question of whether or not the U.N.E.F. should have left Egypt is something else to debate. In the humanitarian abstract sense, no, because the resulting war could be clearly predicted. But did the U.N. have the technical right to remain in Egypt after Nasser ordered it out? It's not unlike the position of the U.S. troops in France when De Gaulle decided to pull out of NATO. Should we, or could we have said, "Nuts to you, Charlie; we're staying in France to protect you whether you like it or not"? The U.N. is still a fragile object that many nations are afraid to put too much strain on, for fear it'll break. I wouldn't want to see it go the way of the League of Nations, either.

Bruce Pelz -- Unless the NYCon Committee is going to come up with a new name for its Fan Achievement Awards, I suspect that fandom will go on calling them Pongs, whether it's official or not. the NYCon has gotten its bedding rather dirty, and I don't think it's going to get away with washing only half of it and calling it all clean. ## Well, Barry, Digby and I got denounced as Communist beatniks by one old lady, the time we took the pictures of past slan shacks for the 2nd Anniversary Apa L photocover; presumably because Barry and Tom had beards. And that was right in the heart of L.A. It just goes to show that nuts and grouches are everywhere.

Dian Pelz -- Write it up and sell it to "Star Trek".

Officialdom -- Dittoed LASFS Signup Sheets may be more colorful than Xeroxed ones, but they aren't as foolproof regarding reproduction. I vote for a return to Xerox.

Tom Digby -- I think it's "hippie"; "hippy" is when you could stand to lose a little weight. ## Richard Halliburton once decided, just before his death, that he was a millionaire, because a millionaire is anybody who makes over a million dollars during his life, and he'd done that even if he was usually close to being broke at any one given period. Rich and poor seem to me to be terms that're more emotional than they seem to be on the surface. ## ANALOG published a story about five years ago about the U.N. getting the legal right to punish national officials as breakers of international law, and trying to enforce this right. The story was called, ironically enough, "The Green Beret".

Jim Schumacher -- Good luck in tonight's election.

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