Rabanos Radiactivos 145

Once again, I've been too busy this last week to translate another five pages or so of Battlefield, so you'll have to wait another week to find out what's going to happen next. (Does anybody really care?)

Before I forget to mention it, there's a free performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Ruddigore" at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday, at the Redlands Bowl out in Redlands. There may or may not be a fannish theatre party to the Saturday performance; there will at least be a small expedition of diehard G&S fans setting out. Is anybody interested? Does anybody need a ride? Let's get together tonight to make arrangements for meeting, car pools and the like.

I have a note here that today's date under the French Revolutionary calendar is 8 Thermidor An CLXXIV de la Républic. This reminds me that I once saw a suggestion that a science-fictional calendar be created, beginning on April 1926, when the first issue of AMAZING STORIES appeared. I wonder how difficult it would be to set up a LASFS calendar, beginning on the date when our first Meeting was held? Thursday under this calendar would become the beginning of the week; our day of rest. The months would be renamed after illustrious members: the eighteenth of Ackerman; the fifth of Freehafer, etc. We need not keep 7 days to a week, or 365 days to a year, if we can think of any better arrangement. I throw out the idea for general consideration.

Hmm, here's another odd note that I've been adding to, from time to time. These are all names of European noblemen, dating from the Middle Ages. I see one that might be an ancestor of a modern name; the rest are all completely strange to me (though one is used by Tolkien). Welf. Thankmar. Humfroi (Humphrey?). Grimwald. Drogo. Wido. Zwentibold. Berengar (Richard Lion-Heart's wife was named Berengaria). I wonder why some names remain popular for hundreds of years and longer, and others die out?

So much for my accumulation of jottings. Another drawer cleaned out.

I went to Disneyland last Saturday, and spent a pleasant day by myself. I hadn't intended it to be that way, but that's how it worked out. I'd intended to join the fan group that was going there, but due to another commitment I wasn't able to get to Disneyland until 4:00 in the afternoon, and I never did find the LASFS people. I did run into Tom Locke and Betty Knight on separate occasions, both also looking for the other fans, but we were unable to help each other. I went to the appointed hourly meeting place twice, but after nobody showed up, I quit worrying about it and went off to have fun on my own.

The main attraction right now is the new Tomorrowland, of course. It's only half opened so far, but that half is quite impressive. Strangely enough, the new exhibits are almost all free ones. There's a new Circarama "America the Beautiful" film, better than the old one. A "Carousel of Progress" sponsored by General Electric; a good 15-minute free show with some nice audio-animatronic work. A new Rocket Jet ride that's basically like the old one except that it's mounted on a tower, and you have to ride up an elevator in a mockup of a rocket launching gantry to get to it. These are the only new attractions so far, though the food stands and souvenir shops have been changed around. The submarines, Matterhorn bobsleds, Skyway buckets, the monorail, and the Autopias are the same. The main casualty is the hovercraft bumper-cars, though the 20,000 Leagues exhibit and some of the commercial scientific walkthroughs are also gone. Yet to be opened are the People Mover cars, the new Flight to the Moon show, and the Monsanto Magic Microscope exhibit; and I believe the coca-Cola Refreshment Gardens are still going through some sort of renovation. It may be imagination, but Tomorrowland now seems more spacious than it's ever been, too. All in all, it's quite pleasing, even if it doesn't have the special shooting gallery Don Simpson helped design. Or maybe that's to come later; I don't know that the new section has all its new material set out yet. Or it may be scheduled for the Disney World being built in Florida; they say that the new people-movers here are only experimental, and that if they're successful they'll be added to Disney World on a much larger scale.

Disneyland was more crowded than ever. The new, higher prices certainly aren't keeping the volume of people down. The two lines for the Matterhorn sleds actually stretched all the way around the mountain, meeting on the other side; and didn't shrink by much all the time that I was there, until after midnight. As long as the crowds keep growing, despite what the prices are raised to, the prices aren't likely to drop any. Basic admission to Disneyland is now$3.00, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's as much an attempt at population control as it is to make more money. I'll be interested in seeing the trip reports from the fan group, to learn what they went through in the crowds and the long lines.

To change the subject again, I notice that our 150th Dist'n will be coming up next month (the day before WorldCon begins), and our 3rd Anniversary Dist'n isn't much beyond that. Is anything special planned for 'em, I wonder? How about another photocover or two?

Apropos of special Apa L items, I guess I'd better definitely cancel the 3rd Best from APA L, once and for all. I certainly won't have time to complete it before the NyCon. During the next month, I've got a FAPA deadline, a Cult deadline, at least two advance issues of RR to prepare for the LASFS Meetings I'll be missing while I'm at the WorldCon, an OzCon, at least one more Pan-PacifiCon Committee meeting that the Trimbles will be coming down for, and my own preparations for my trip back East to make, not to mention the usual Apa L zine per week during this period. In addition to all this, I've just gotten an okay from my boss to work some Saturdays this coming month, in exchange for corresponding additional vacation time, so I'll have a couple of extra days to see New York and Expo '67. Something's bound to get lost in the shuffle, and the 3rd Best from APA L has the lowest priority. I might still publish it sometime after the NyCon, dropping the old time limit and making it a Best from the last one to the date of publication, but right now I'm feeling very pessimistic about ever finishing it. Right after the next issue of SALAMANDER, maybe...

Bruce, your LASFS Calendar (practical type) was quite handy. Do you intend doing another one?

And speaking of special publishing projects (you see how my chain of thought works), are any of the projects to publish more WorldCon PROCEEDINGS out of the talking stages? The Pan-PacifiCon will definitely publish a PROCEEDINGS -- we've got it all lined up with Advent -- but will ours be the first since the DisCon's, or is there a chance that a PROCEEDINGS for PacifiCon II, LonCon II, TriCon, or NyCon III can be finished in the meantime?


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