Rabanos Radiactivos 147
Inspired by Jean Berman's plea of last week, this issue of RR is devoted to:
Zanahorias Electronicas

Cover -- I like it, but I'm getting the feeling that our covers are beginning to develop a sameness. Possibly this is because our last three have all been ditto, in red and purple on white paper. I know Apa L is more limited than it used to be, but there's a ditto and two mimeos at The Hill, plus more than one artist. I hope we can get back to a little more variety in the future. Ditto some of the time, mimeo some of the time, a change in paper color...

Dan Alderson -- Thank you very much for the WesterCon Costume Ball checklist. This list is probably the most complete of any ever made of the various costumes at a Con, and by including everybody who was called back for at least a second viewing, it's as comprehensive as it should be. Too bad photos couldn't've been published with this. I think we'll keep this idea in mind when the time comes to publish the Proceedings of the Pan-PacifiCon. The ChiCon III Proceedings had a good listing and a group of photos of the winners, but it wouldn't hurt to throw in a list of the Honorable Mentions, too. (I doubt we'll be able to list everybody, though, as you go on to do.) ## By the way, how many LASFSians are going to the NyCon to help us get the '68 WorldCon, so we can publish these Proceedings?

Jean Berman -- Here you're commenting on the nice, new cover, while I'm saying that after three weeks, we need a change again. We're talking about somewhat different things, of course. ## I'll be flying to New York, so I won't be passing through Minneapolis this year. As my schedule stands now, I'll arrive in New York on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 30th, which will give me a couple of days to get settled, visit my sister and her family, and do a little sightseeing before the NyCon begins. I'll probably get a bit more sightseeing in during the Con, then finish up within a day or two after the Con ends, and go to Montreal to spend a couple of days at Expo '67. I'll be flying back to Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 10th. This schedule is still rather rough, but I think that this outline will prove accurate enough. (I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I can get my August paycheck before I leave, rather than having to wait until I come back to collect it -- it'll make a big difference in my plans.) I'll see you and Ruth in New York, then?

Felice Rolfe -- It sounds like these two pages are also part of your therapy. I won't try to tell you what you should've done to Communicate Meaningfully; this sort of thing is an entirely introspective problem, and I don't think one person can tell another just what the right thing for him/her would be. In my case, I'd probably take a Trusty Native Guide, if I knew any, but I don't and I doubt that I would. This whole approach is too foreign to me. I'm too withdrawn. If I were feeling depressed, the last thing I would do would be to go out into a group of strangers and try to make contact with them. It took me almost a year of sitting quietly at the back of LASFS Meetings before I felt ready to step out into the social life of Fandom, and I considered fans My People from the start. I'm not sure what I'd do in your case -- I'm not sure I could ever be in your case, because of different values -- but whatever I'd do, it would probably be wrong for you. ## Is this a cop-out? Are we failing to really communicate here? Should I be able to tell you what you should have done? Now I'm starting to feel depressed. I think I'll cheer up by copping out and going on to

Ken Goldsmith -- Well, this certainly isn't going to cheer me up any. ## Yes, I definitely think there is such a thing as social brutality. Look at the histories of religious persecutions, and the like. But social callousness is even more common. ## This is Apa L, not APAL. One makes you money, and the other costs you money. See the back of any Vargo Statten novel for the difference.

Don Fitch -- I agree with you; the current LASFS dues are high enough. I suppose that this is a corollary to Parkinson's Law; the more money there is available, the more get spent, and then the more that's needed to maintain the new higher standard. Dues used to be almost nonexistant; just enough to pay rent, and have a party now and then. Then the Treasury got flush, and the Building Fund came along. Now we "need" our dues for the Building Fund, and the Library Fund is about to be revived, too. And I'm passing around the maneki-neko bank for TOFF every week... I agree that the auctions and requests for donations are enough; a larger outlay of money on the members' part shouldn't be made mandatory by raising the dues.

Dian Pelz -- But you can't have a VergiLeo Party this Saturday! That's the time for the FAPA collating party this quarter. We non-VergiLeonine FAPAns will stand up for our ancient privileges and demand our rights. ## There's an idea for a new apa; a zodiacal apa. You could...no, never mind.

Bruce Pelz -- I'm glad that the PacifiCon II Proceedings are ready to go into the production stage. Is there any chance that the tapes will all be transcribed in time to get the Proceedings published before the Pan-PacifiCon's? It'd be nice to keep them in numerical order as much as possible. Has there been any word from New York as to whether the NyCon III's Proceedings will be published or not? ## The PanPacifCon will try to have not only a list of its auction material, but also a display of it, so that everybody can see what'll be going up. If possible, we'll try to have bid sheets on the biggest items, too. Yes, I know that "Let them come to all the auctions" is the attitude of most conventions, or of most auctioneers -- Ed Wood one time pulled back a piece of artwork that several people were asking him to put on the block, saying, "Well, since so many of you want this little beauty, we'll just hold it until this afternoon's auction to make sure we see all of you with your money there." There are a lot of auctioneers who'll put up a particular item if you ask the to, though; but you have to take the initiative here. It is a bit more trouble for the ConCom if it has to make sure that it's auction material is kept in a particular order, instead of just being dumped in a heap to be sold as the auctioneer pulls it up. I think that a Con should keep its auctions well-balanced, though, rather than allowing all of the most popular items to be sold at the first session.

Tom Digby -- The solution to the smog problem is for everyone to go out and buy a Stanley Steamer. I've always wished I owned one, especially after reading about the fellow who drove from New York to San Francisco in one with only $4.50 for fuel.

Jim Shapiro -- How many fans have seen "The Devil Doll", I wonder? Pan-PacifiCon fare?


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