Some additions to the list of art holdings:

Owned by Bruce Pelz

Barbi Johnson painting, "The Encourager of the Interrupter", from William Bowen's The Enchanted Forest.
Barbi Johnson painting, "The Encourager Emerges", from [ditto]
Barbi Johnson painting, "The Encourager Commandeers a Guide", from [ditto]
Barbi Johnson painting, "Ruffled Feathers", from [ditto]
Barbi Johnson painting, "the Encourager's Reluctant Guide", from [ditto]
George Barr painting, "Rite"
Eddie Jones painting, "Conan the Cimmerian"
Jack Harness painting, "Dreambird"
Don Simpson painting, "Mannanan's Castle"
Don Simpson painting, "The Flying City"

Owned by Collector's Book Store:

Leo Morey cover for AMAZING, Dec. 1936
Robert Fuqua cover for AMAZING, May 1939 [slightly damaged; needs retouching]
Frank R. Paul back cover for AMAZING, July 1940, "As Mars Sees Us".
Ed Cartier ink drawing for E.F. Russell's Sinister Barrier, Fantasy Press, p. 63.
Hannes Bok ink drawing for A.L. Zagat's Seven Out of Time, Fantasy Press, p. 159.
[Bruce, I think you have at least one of Barbi's paintings of a scene from Andre Norton's books. And doesn't Jinx McCombs have the last from The Enchanted Forest? ## Yes, I suppose I should list solid-state art. Who owns Clement's models of Mesklin? ## Doesn't anybody else in the LASFS own any art?]
Zanahorias Electronicas

Ken Goldsmith -- I expect to hear any day now of the Plaid Guard, or the Tattletale Gray Guard, or the Rainbow Guard. I think that all these Guards are getting out of hand. As a Cultist, I sneer at the lot of you.

Jim Schumacher -- Your party sounds as though it were a distinct success. It's nice to know that the new Hill is going to be a fan center in all of the social aspects of the term. ## While I think the new Apa L deadline is a good thing as a general principle, it shouldn't be too rigidly applied. If a zine comes in after the deadline, but before collating has progressed far and before the OC has finished the Table of Contents, does it really hurt to add it?

Rabanos Radiactivos 148

Ken Rudolph -- I notice that TIME magazine agrees with your analysis that the syndicate is not involved in San Francisco hippiedom; and everybody knows that TIME always gives a straight story.

Dian Pelz -- I believe you. See? Another issue of d.c.'s. ## Gandhi and Schweitzer weren't working toward exactly the same ends. Gandhi's actions were great, when you compare his accomplishments with the results of other "non-violent revolutionaries". And toward the end of his life, Schweitzer was criticized for refusing to modernize his practice any; he remained a simple missionary-doctor to the end, operating just as he did when he opened his hospital before the First World War. I understand that the Gabonese government, instead of replacing Schweitzer at the mission-hospital, is replacing the hospital itself with a much more modern installation nearby (whatever nearby means), and Lambaréné will become a sort of museum/tourist attraction. ## As to feeding the starving Indians, the problem is to make sure that anything donated to their benefit reaches them. There've been numerous proposals to donate parts of our farm surpluses to the starving Indians, which have been opposed by Indian business interests. Most of the relief aid that has been supplied by the Indian government is invariably sold by corrupt government officials, judging from the repeated scandals on that subject.

Bruce Pelz -- Thanks for supplying the information on your art holdings.

Don Fitch -- I'm another who can deny any first-hand knowledge (and, so far, even any second-hand knowledge, though I can Make Guesses) of who at the LASFS might be smoking marijuana. I hope nobody brings any to LASFS meetings and that there's none to be found in the Hill -- it's true that there is always the danger of a cranky neighbor reporting the "illegal communistic goings-on" at the Hill to the fuzz, and their making a check. (What was the fan group in the '40's that got turned into the FBI for counterfeiting because they published fanzines?) Of course, you don't have to bring minors with you to the Meetings. ## If my fanzine output was ever based on the amount of comment I get, I think I'd gafiate. ## How does the increase in the crime rate compare with the increase in the population rate?

Al Snider -- While I don't always agree with Jane's viewpoint, I hardly think that you can refer to it as "her rules and nobody else's". And I'd like to see a more detailed explanation of what you mean by "grow[ing] up". Accepting the status quo? In all respects? If accepting modern reality is the hallmark of adulthood, perhaps we should just install Pres. Johnson and his policies for life. ## While I'm emotionally opposed to violence and civil disobedience as a solution to our problems, I do think that the results they get are not always Bad. Real solutions, final solutions, have to be enacted peaceably by law; but how many laws are passed before society's attention is brought to the need of them? We've now got laws to protect the laborer from economic exploitation, yes; but how many of these laws would we have if it weren't for the labor riots at the end of the last century to call attention to the need for them? (And the migrant laborers of today still aren't living on any bed of roses.) How long would woman suffrage have been delayed if women hadn't been willing to parade and chain themselves to fenceposts to let people know that they were really concerned about getting the vote? What kind of censorship would we have today if some people weren't willing to be civilly disobedient and force test cases to call attention to bad laws, either to get them declared unconstitutional or to get them popularly repealed? It's easy to say "we must have order" and "we will recognize them as soon as they are ready to start acting like mature adults", but how often do you really recognize them until they make you recognize them? ## No, I don't agree with everything Jane says. But neither do I say that she is immature, therefore we may dismiss her and her "imagined" problems as not being worthy of our attention.

I've made my plane reservations. I'll be leaving for New York on American Airlines, flight 10, leaving L.A. International on Tuesday for the 29th at 11:00 p.m., and arriving at Kennedy Airport on Wednesday the 30th at 6:50 a.m. (By flying odd hours, I qualify for excursion rates and save $100.) I'll be returning to Los Angeles about noon, local time, on Sunday, Sept. 10th.

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