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Translation of chapter five of Clark Carrados Battlefield, translated from Spanish to English by Fred Patten. The full text is omitted for reasons of copyright, but in summary:

Once they're off the Earth and away, Frehan has time to think and feels depressed about what he's done. But he also gets some answers. The X and Y aliens are beings of pure mind, and no fixed form. They get their power from the same source Gebikov uses; stellar "lumanitic" energy, Sol being the most powerful one in the area. One race uses light, the other heat; Gebikov uses both and would like to get them to stop fighting over it and leave Earth alone. He does not trust the government to handle this properly, so he's headed for Asteroid T-3391 to try and contact representatives of both sides.
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Will our intrepid party be able to find the mysterious aliens? Even if they do, can they safely bargain with them? Will Frehan ever do anything in this story other than look stupefied? Don't miss the next thrilling chapter, in these pages as soon as I get around to translating it!

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Campo de batalla, por Clark Carrados, Ed. Toray, Barcelona, ©1964. 128 pgs. Ch. 5.


Zanahorias Electronicas

Bill Glass & Hank Stine -- Before I forget to mention it again, the "Modesty Blaise" reprints are appearing in CARTOONIST SHOWCASE, published by Edwin Aprill, Jr., 5272 West Liberty Road, Ann Arbor, Mich., 48103. No. 1 is the only issue out so far that I know of; it's $2, through Aprill says he hopes to lower the price &/or add more pages if he gets enough subscriptions to continue publication. Subscribe; I want to see it continued.

Bruce Pelz -- I don't know whether the Toronto Fandom that's active today has any connection with the Toronto Fandom that put on the '48 WorldCon, or not. However, they do seem to have a very active local group, and they're bidding for the next East Coast WorldCon -- if that isn't just John Mansfield talking. I spent most of a day in Toronto during my NyCon trip; not at a convenient time to attend the local club meeting, unfortunately, but I did meet three fans there: Ken Smookler, a lawyer; Gordon Vantoen, a student, I think (his apartment is in the local University housing, anyhow); and, of course, John, who's in the Army, and I gather was just about to be transferred to Calgary. ## And Rick Norwood is talking about putting in another bid for a New Orleans WorldCon in '73; there seem to be a lot of neos down there and Baton Rouge these days. ## I don't know whether a Tijuana WesterCon would be a success or not, but it certainly would be interesting. I'm half tempted to vote for it just for a change -- after all, how much time do we send complaining about the Los Angeles - Bay Area rut, and nobody else bidding? Earl was apparently serious enough about the idea to take out a full-page ad in the NyCon Program Book. My main worry about attending a Tijuana Con would be room security; Earl might well have trouble getting any hucksters.

Ruth Berman -- I'd like to see the pool scene from "David Copperfield" -- the one they say Fields insisted on writing into the film one day when he was drunk, refusing to cooperate on any other scene until they shot his. Naturally, it never got into the finished movie.

Don Fitch -- I'd like to see the world, and I may, in bits & pieces. I'm still working on America right now, having just added upstate New York, southern Quebec along the Transcanada Highway, Montreal (I didn't just go to Expo '67; I took a couple of hours out and wandered into the city), and Toronto to my list. This is why I like driving to WorldCons, when I have the time, camping out along the way. It's one of the main reasons I'm supporting Heidelberg in '70, and that I hope Seattle bids for more WesterCons. (I'd like an excuse to go up there on a WesterCon schedule, rather than a WorldCon schedule; they could have a WesterCon once every 5 years or so if they wanted it.) And of course I'm going to have to break away from the WorldCon linkage to see some places such as South America. ## How do you like camping trips, by the way?

Jean Berman -- If you think that high school is work & pressure, wait until you get into college. OF course, I was never involved in theatricals when I was in high school; that would make a difference. And I remember high school math with loathing, which was mostly the teacher's fault. Never any explanations, just, "It's all in the book; if you read the lesson like you were supposed to, you wouldn't have to ask questions." Hardly an incentive to learning.

Chuck Crayne -- I don't suppose you would want to use your Con next year as a Guinea Pig, but there are a couple of hotels I've been wondering about as possible WesterCon sites, and your '68 Con might be a good opportunity to give 'em a trial run. One is the Miramar in Santa Monica, which I really think would be too expensive. The other is the St. Catherine over on Santa Catalina Island. A Catalina Con would have a gaudy fascination to it, but with all the talk about renovating the Island in the last couple of years, I have no idea what the St. Catherine or even Catalina Island itself is like today. Of course, Avalon town is so small that even if the St. Catherine were too expensive (which I think it may be; I seem to remember that it's on the American plan), we might find a hall somewhere for the Con, and the fans could just rent rooms all over town and walk the two or three short blocks to wherever the Con is located, every day. (No, I'm not serious.)

Dian Pelz -- I expect that if we just pulled up everything, and came home from Viet Nam, the first thing that would happen would be that we'd lose South Viet Nam and probably the rest of Indochina, and who knows what after that? It seems as though the only place the Communists stop is where we push them back. I could be wrong, of course, but I don't think so, and if we're gong to have to be toeing the line with them, we might as well do it where we are now, instead of in the Philippines or closer to us. Every little bit more the Communists advance is a little bit sooner that they'll be knocking on our door, like the Japanese did in 1941. I think I'm sounding like Van Arnam. But then, I agree with him. ## The Coulsons, who ran off "The Masked Marvel of Mollusk-on-the-Marsh" for George's Cultzine, also ran copies of it themselves through COMIC ART #6, so I suppose all Comic Fandom knows about it by now. Which is as it should be. ## If Earl Kemp can put in a serious Tijuana bid, I don't see why someone couldn't put in a serious Virgin Islands bid. We seem to have enough bids to keep us filled for the next 20 years, anyway. St. Louis. Columbus. Heidelberg. Boston. Baltimore. Atlanta. Toronto. Syracuse(?). Los Angeles. Seattle. Chicago. New Orleans. These are all more-or-less definites, with at least one fan from the area promising that its bid will be in, in the appropriate year. Of course, some may fail to materialize, and of those who do bid and lose, some probably won't last until the rotation plan comes around again. ## Are there any s-f readers in Hawaii, I wonder? There was a Turkish college student at the NyCon;t he only name he gave was "Mo from Istanbul".

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