Rabanos Radiactivos 158
A couple of more art holding notes: Andy Porter has the Richard Powers cover to the paperback edition of Not This August, by Cyril Kornbluth; and Steve Schultheis has the Hannes Bok back cover to OTHER WORLDS, March 1953.
Zanahorias Electronicas

Ken Rudolph -- A good photocover, though not at all what I'd expected. I'd gotten the impression that this year's cover was going to be centered around photos of activities: card parties, bowling meets, and the like. Well, that'll make a good theme for a future cover. ## Interested in forming a Committee to try and get another photocover done without waiting for our 4th annish?

Bruce Pelz -- I see that the bowling tournament is almost over. What's next? Pool? Croquet? Horseback riding? ## The main rationale behind voting in the fourth year in the rotation plan for foreign cities was that it'd be almost impossible, under present conditions, for a foreign city ever to win a bid if it had any American competition at all. London got it in '57 because Los Angeles was the only competition, and we were willing to wait for South Gate in '58. London got it again in '65 because it was the Midwest's turn, and nobody in the Midwest wanted it -- it took the combined efforts of three cities to put in a Midwest bid for '66. But Heidelberg faces real competition for 1970, from Boston, Baltimore and maybe Syracuse, and a lot of fans figured that too many voters would want to keep it anywhere in the U.S. rather than let it go out of reach overseas. (This would probably be particularly true if a large walk-in audience of non-fans was controlling the voting, as happened this year.) By this line of reasoning, a foreign city would only be able to put in a realistic bid for the WorldCon at such a time when no American city wants it; and such times might not be as numerous as foreign fans deserve. Hence, the "necessity" for the 4th year. ## Talking about voters being prejudiced for a con they could most easily get to, I wonder what would happen if the Con were in a city in Ohio, during the Midwest's turn -- Columbus, say -- and Pittsburgh, just a couple of hundred miles away, bid for the next East Coast WorldCon. Would Pittsburgh have an unfair advantage over East Coast cities further away?

Jim Schumacher -- Is the So. Calif. Society for Creative Anachronism a separate and distinct organization, or a Southern branch of the No. Calif. -based SFCA? Considering the interrelation that's bound to exist between the two, you might as well both be branches of one Society, instead of two separate societies with almost exactly similar names. This could come in handy if you want to get newspaper publicity for any of your Tournaments, if you're able to claim you're one Society with branches in different cities, and a larger membership than a local group could claim. ## Consider this as making my interest known, for the purpose of receiving further bulletins.

Fred Hollander -- In fact, I have the impression that we can thank apa L for getting you and Barry Gold into Fandom. As I recall, you just dropped in on the LASFS from CalTech one night, to see what we were like, and were impressed enough by the free issues of Apa l to keep coming back, until you merged socially into the club and were irretrievably hooked. I think that Apa L has justified its 3-year existence by this act alone. ## The main reason I come to LASFS regularly is that it's where I can see all my friends every week. I have very little social life outside of Fandom, because I don't have that many of the same interests as mundane types. (In fact, my one close non-fan friend, Ed Baker, promptly joined the LASFS as soon as he was introduced to it.) When I discovered the club and Fandom, it was almost literally a case of, "These are the people I've been waiting to meet all my life!" If I hadn't found Fandom, I can't imagine what my social interests might be today. I suppose I might have joined a museum lecture group or the like, or gotten more active in philatelic or numismatic fandom, just as Al Lewis is almost completely involved in historical model-building (mostly model planes) fandom today. Or I might have no social life; just sitting home and reading or watching TV all the time, which is mostly what I did when I was 19 and found the LASFS. ## I wonder how much of your getting high on lavender was just psychological?

Howard Thurl ow -- Of Frs. Bonfiglioli, Monteith, and Rosenblum, Bonfiglioli is probably Kyril Bonfiglioli, the last editor of SCIENCE FANTASY and IMPULSE SCIENCE FICTION, the British zines. That would tie in to the reference to Cambridge. The other two are puzzlers. All his other references are either real names or pseudonyms, with the exception of Selahny, which is close enough to Zelazny to be unmistakable. But Monteith and Rosenblum? I get a vague impression that Monteith is Fred Pohl and Rosenblum is John Campbell, but those are really wild guesses.

Dian Pelz -- A very humorous guidebook, even to a non-bowler like me.

Andy Porter -- Here's a list of the kings of Prussia. Prussia was created on Jan 18, 1701, out of the old Electorate of Brandenburg, the Elector wanting to promote himself to the rank of king and being willing to pay the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire for the privilege. Friedrich I (formerly Friedrich III of Brandenburg), (1688-) 1701-1713. Friedrich Wilhelm I, 1713-1740. Friedrich II, der Gross, 1740-1786. Friedrich Wilhelm II, 1786-1797. Friedrich Wilhelm III, 1787-1849. Friedrich Wilhelm IV, 1840-1861. Wilhelm I, 1861-1888. Friedrich III, 1888. Wilhelm II, 1888-1918.

Dave Hulan -- It'll be good to see more of you at the Meetings.

Chuck Crayne -- An armed combat Diplomacy game...

Gregg Wolford -- Do fans have separate "general" and "typewriter" personalities? And if some do, to what extent is it deliberate? Fanzineshave been called "psychoanalysis on paper", especially when referring to those that project loud personalities and come from quiet people. This may in some cases be a deliberate attempt on the part of the publisher to project an image that doesn't really fit him, but I think that there are an equal number of cases in which an introverted fan just feels more emotionally able to express himself on paper than he does in person. I think that this is one of the Whys of Fandom.

Don Fitch -- Yes, there are other Ronald Searle books, but I don't know any titles offhand.

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