Rabanos Radiactivos 173

Well, the Trimbles are settled again. Permanently, for at least a year, I hope. The big move last Saturday was one of the old fun-type fannish moving parties; lots of people showed up, the work went smoothly, and everybody had a good time. The only thing that didn't come off was the spaghetti dinner; the stove wasn't delivered. So we all went out to a steak house instead. Workers included Fred Hollander, Len Bailes, the Moffatts, Ruth Berman, Mac McCaughan, Ernie Wheatley, Tom Digby, Dave Hulan, Sally Crayne, Tina Hensel...that's all I can recall, except for the Trimbles, and Ma Zimmer, and myself, of course. We had so many people that we practically had an assembly line moving boxes from the truck into the house, which is how to get work done fast. The new house is a roomy old one, with lots of bookshelf space; a good Mathom House. After the move was finished, most of us went to the Pelzes' party, and had a further good time until early the next morning. It was a good weekend.

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Fred Hollander tells me that I'm mistaken about our having to make an advance reservation at the Huntington museum to get in. That's only if you're bringing in a group that's planning to stay together, and wants a guided tour. Since we'll probably be splitting up into fragments, so that each person can see whatever part of the museum-art gallery-floral gardens interests him most, there's no need to make any advance arrangements; we can just show up individually and wanter around, crossing each other's paths from time to time. I plan to spend most of my time in the cactus garden and the Oriental garden, myself; I'm not that interested in old furniture (except clocks), and paintings. There's something for almost everybody's taste, though. To repeat: it's Saturday, Feb. 24th, between 1 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

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The annual coin convention at the Statler-Hilton Hotel will be held next week, from Thursday the 15th to Saturday the 18th. I always find it fun to spend an afternoon wandering through the exhibit room and around all the dealers' tables, looking at all the money. Large stacks of silver & gold coins always look impressive, even if they're not negotiable. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, this is the room that the F-UN CON's Art Show will be held in during our Con there, if anybody wants a preview glimpse of the arrangements. Anyone for an impromptu trip Saturday afternoon?

Zanahorias Electronicas

Mac McCaughan -- A nice cover, though I preferred the one you did for Dist'n #169. This brings memories of Bergey babes. ## If we get SHAGGY sessions going again, there should be some good publishing sessions around the Hill (or wherever they're held). You can get some good pointers in stencilling art, then, and have access to some good equipment. ## I don't think that any L.A. fan activity that's announced in advance in Apa L or in the LASFS Newsletter is ever limited to a small ingroup of the club's members. The private parties are kept reasonably discreet. We'll be glad to see you at more of our weekend activities; this is how neos stop being anonymous faces at LASFS Meetings and become regular members of social L.A. fandom.

Dian Pelz -- SHAGGY doesn't need the whole LASFS totally involved in it; all it needs is 5 to 10 active contributors (by which I mean people willing to write 4 or 5 pages' worth of material for it) and an equal number of helpers to type stencils and crank the mimeo and collate pages and type mailing labels. And, hopefully -- necessarily! -- some material from outside contributors, once we've gotten out an issue or two to prove we're worth contributing to. I don't think that SHAGGY's death a couple of years ago was due entirely to LASFS lost of interest. There was a general loss of interest throughout fandom at that time, and contributions to SHAGGY stopped coming in. If a genzine resurgence is beginning, we may be able to ride the tide. When Flieg suggested reviving SHAGGY a year or so ago, the time wasn't yet ripe, as was shown in the general lack of enthusiasm throughout the club. Last week, we got that show of enthusiasm in Ken's straw vote of those who were interested in working for & contributing to a revived SHAGGY. I think it's worth a try to revive SHAGGY, anyhow.

Bruce Pelz -- What interested me the most about the WesterCon XX Final Report wasn't the $200 "Misc." expense rating, but the statement that all but two of the people listed in the BayCon's Progress Report #1 have now confirmed that they will indeed participate in the BayCon's program. One of the two must be Heinlein, who'll be in Japan this Sept., and wouldn't have anything to do with the BayCon anyhow. Who's the "one other"?

Ken Rudolph -- Since the proposal to revive SHAGGY has succeeded, there's no need to consider starting another official LASFS genzine instead. But if it had failed, I don't think the other idea would have succeeded, either. It's not so much that SHAGGY is a fanzine that the LASFS publishes from time to time; it's that SHAGGY happens to be the title of the official LASFS fanzine, when we feel like publishing one. In other words, if the club doesn't have the right spirit to publish a successful genzine, then it's not going to be able to publish one, whether that one's title is SHAGGY or something else. And if it is going to publish a genzine, it might as well continue the title & numbering of SHAGGY. What's at stake isn't as much SHAGGY's prestige as it is the LASFS' prestige, and I think that an on-again, off-again SHAGGY is still better for our image than a series of on-again, off-again LASFS genzines, with several different titles. ## Since SAL has no prospects of publication in the near future, you can raid my files for SHAGGY' s benefit, if you want to. I've got an unpublished Robert E. Howard poem, that I was planning to run as an illustrated, double-page spread. I could never get any of the local artists to finish illustrating it, though.

Tom Digby -- I don't see what all the difficulties are in holding a LASFS Meeting at the F-UN CON. The LASFS has held lots of Meetings in special places without needing lots of red tape to get it done. When we were meeting at Silverlake, and we couldn't get in on Thanksgiving Thursdays, we simply moved to someone's house; Bruce's, and later the Labs. When Harlan invited us to hold a Meeting at his house, we said, "Fine, we'll be there!" and went. (The Meeting lasted 45 seconds; the rest of the night was a rather wild party.) So how come to hold a Meeting at the F-UN CON, we have to clear it with this Committee and that Committee, and make official motions, and all that jazz? If either Chuck or a large segment of the club was opposed to the idea, then this would be necessary; but everybody (almost) favors it, I think.

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