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John Trimble phoned me last Saturday evening to tell me about Lee Jacobs' death. At another time I would've felt worse about it, but coming so soon after Ron Ellik's death, my reaction was more one of, "Lee too?"

map to HuntingtonLee was a nice guy, and fun to play cards with, but I didn't know him personally as well as I did Ron. It's unfortunate that their deaths, coming as they have, should trigger this involuntary comparison of the two, though I suppose it's natural under the circumstances. The LASFS is too big to know everybody equally well, even if we all shared exactly the same interests, which we don't; and Lee was usually in some gab group other than the one that I was in. He helped me out a couple of times recently by picking up some mimeo supplies for me; I'm sorry I never got a chance to return the favor. Just in the last couple of months, Lee seemed to be getting active in fandom to a greater degree than he had been in several years, I think. He wrote his first Ballard Chronicle in six years, became a regular attendee at LASFS and at the Blackguard activities, and had just become a very active correspondent in the Cult. His death at this time will be noticed by more people than it would've at any time during the past few years, I think. In a way, this is too bad, since it means that more people will be hurt more deeply; but it does make a better memorial to Lee, which is nice. What a person was worth can be measured by how his friends and acquaintances feel after his death, and Lee will be missed by fandom.

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The LASFS outing to the Huntington Library and Art Gallery is this Saturday, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. No food on the grounds, but we can try to meet for a picnic lunch first at Lacy Park at noon. The paintings and gardens will take more than the 4 1/2 hours the grounds will be open to see, so don't be late.

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Charles Jackson -- Your cover came out better than I thought it would. It's nice to get a multicolored ditto cover once in awhile.

Ken Rudolph -- This is more of an editorial than a review, and a very good editorial it is, too. ## There are sources of outer fan contact for newcomers to L.A. fandom, if not as many as there used to be. The current genzines are probably the best. I'm not sure myself what all is coming out regularly today, but YANDRO and PSYCHOTIC are two that are, and they're worth reading. If a neo reads a few of these, writes letters of comment now and then, or even contributes an article, story, or review from time to time, he'll make contact fast. If SHAGGY is to be reborn -- by which I don't mean just see it's 72nd issue, or its 73rd, but start appearing regularly again for a period of a couple of years, at least -- it's going to have to draw outside contact itself from other sources. If SHAGGY gets no response, if its contributions remain limited to the local talent, then we'll just be talking into a vacuum. ## One of the standbys of SHAGGY used to be humorous writeups of fan group activities -- the filming of "The Musquite Kid", for example. This takes both an event and a good writer to be done properly. We've got some good events coming up in the next couple of weeks; the trip to the Huntington Library this weekend, and the Wilshire Walk in a short while. Will any of the participating fans be able to get any worthwhile material out of 'em, though? ## I was going to suggest looking through the back dist'ns of Apa L for possible material good enough to be reprinted in SHAGGY, but on second thought, anything good enough to be reprinted belongs in The Best from APA L. Apa L is pretty much a joke in outer fandom, whether we like it or not, and we don't want to transfer this reputation to SHAGGY if we can avoid it. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I feel that SHAGGY should contain all new material. We want to present a picture of a current, modern, living LASFS; not one living on past glory or needing to pad its image with reprints of already-used material.

Barry Weissman -- I'd be glad to help vote Johnson out of office, but I don't see any obviously superior replacement material around. The only political hope I've definitely formulated so far is to help keep Kuchel in office.

Tom Digby -- The only real problem that anyone has brought up over the idea of having a LASFS meeting at the F-UN Con is what to do about Apa L. It now looks like Apa L will be still be alive by F-UN Con time, so we've got to decide whether we want to cancel the dist'n for that Meeting or what? I don't like the idea of missing a week and breaking the chain, but I don't see any other practical solution. For one thing, there'll probably be so many people at that Meeting that raising the copy count to 60 or 75 would be a barely noticeable drop in the bucket. For another, that will be a very atypical LASFS Meeting; it'll probably be very short, called only for the record to to keep the LASFS' unbroken string of Meetings going. There'll hardly be time for Apa L to be collated in the usual way -- and on what would we publish the Table of Contents? For a third, who're we going to get to take time out from the F-UN CON to do the work of collating? I won't care to be OC that week. And for a fourth, with all the preparations for the F-UN Con that everybody will be finishing up during the preceding week, how many people are going to have time to do anything for Apa L, anyhow? Hardly anybody other than the completist collectors will have a page in. The best idea that I can think of is to have everybody who does want to contribute bring his Apa L zine to that Meeting and give it to the OC, who'll just collect them all, put them away for the duration of the F-UN CON, and try to collate them later in time to be handed out at the regular LASFS Meeting the next week. Or if the OC is devoted enough, he can collate the dist'n during the CON, drive over to the Hill (or its successor) to run off the ToC on Owen's mimeo, and hand out the Dist'n on Friday or Saturday. But I don't think you're going to get the dist'n ready during that Meeting -- and as much as I like Apa L, I don't think that the LASFS should be held back from meeting at the F-UN CON because of it. (The secretary better bring lots of signup sheets to that Meeting, come to think of it.)

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