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The LASFS DIRECTORY always goes out of date fast, but I think that the current half-year's issue is more outdated than any other current issue has ever been. For one thing, we've now got the Long Beach crew, plus other F-UN Con newcomers, with us. For another, the Hill has broken up, scattering a lot of people around. Bruce has moved, I've moved, Hank Stine's moved, Al Lewis is back in town, Jack Harness is back in town, Fred Hollander has left town, Barry Weissman has left town... Anyhow, I'm starting this week to gather names & addresses for the next LASFS DIRECTORY (Jan. - June, 1969). If your name, address, &/or phone number weren't in the current issue, or if you've changed any of them since it came out, make sure that I get the correct information for the new issue, which will come out at the last Meeting in December. This means you'll have four weeks in which to get the information to me. Anybody who comes up to me the first week in January and complains that I forgot to include his name, or that I didn't change his old address and phone number, had better not have been at any of the previous month's meetings.

If I get as many new names as I think I will, I'll have to print it on legal-length paper.

Zanahorias Electronicas

Cover -- (McCaughan) A good one. It's nice to see good art in Apa L once again. One of the things that made the early Apa L so enjoyable was the large amount of good art by Bĵo, Don Simpson, Dian, Harness, and the other fan artists. This had largely dried up by the time you came along, except for reruns of old stencils; and you (and Larry Dopp, and a few other newcomers) didn't really have a chance to start an artistic renascence at the time. I hope that now, with you and George Barr and Tim Kirk and others on the scene, Apa L will return to having really top-notch covers, week after week.

This leads me to something I've been wondering lately? Should, or could good material published in Apa L be reprinted in SHAGGY? I used to be against this idea for several reasons. SHAGGY's not a reprint zine, and shouldn't ever be. It wasn't really necessary before, in order to give the good material in Apa L wider distribution; during the period that SHAGGY and Apa L overlapped, THE BEST FROM APA L was appearing. There were technical difficulties in reproducing art; a ditto master could be rerun for THE BEST, but SHAGGY was printed only in mimeo. SHAGGY was the official club fanzine, and Apa L was an unofficial publication. Etc. But now I'm wondering if it might not be a good idea, after all? We no longer have any outside contributors; therefore Apa L is totally an L.A.-area publication, and material from it put into SHAGGY would hardly count as being reprinted, as far as most of SHAGGY's circulation would be concerned. There seem to be no plans at all to revive the annual BEST collection, and it would be a shame to leave the really good contribution that comes along now and then to be buried in growing stacks of old Dist'ns. SHAGGY did reprint some material before, including a column of excerpts from the weekly Minutes. There would be nothing wrong with an Apa L reprint column, to "show the L.A. scene" (a sort of supplement to Sally Crayne's SHAGGY column.) SHAGGY is now quarterly; this would give us 3 months' worth of Apa L to pick from -- there should be at least a couple of pages out of every 12 Dist'ns worth wider circulation. The material could vary: a story; a portfolio of good Apa L art (if we can figure out how to recopy some of the good ditto art we're getting for offset publication); an edited discussion of an interesting subject, selected from several people's Dist'n comments. This is up to Kenru, as SHAGGY's editor, of course; but the idea's worth thinking about. Comments?

DE JUEVES #4 -- (Moffatt) If your puppy-biscuit universe did require a sun, it would be constituted of galvanized roofing nails, according to your own table of elements. Solar radiation would probably be iron filings; the sort that you use to demonstrate lines of magnetic force in school science classes. A sunny day in your universe would probably leave everything coated with a metallic black dust; contaminating your puppy biscuits and chicken fat even if they didn't turn stale and rancid. A question: given a mass of roofing nails the size of the Sun, would the pressure/gravity/mass exerted on the center of the mass generate enough heat to melt the nails, liquefying them, thus allowing the nails outside this center to sink further into it, thus creating even more heat and melting more nails... How much of such a Sun would melt? At what point would the mass of nails remaining on the periphery cease exerting enough pressure on the center to create additional heat, allowing the Sun to stabilize? ## Well, there'd be paydays when Friday the 13th fell on a Tuesday, as often as that would happen. Once a month, in fact. Considering that I only got paid once a month for the last year and a half, that doesn't seem strange at all.

GROK #41 -- (Rudolph) Speaking of SHAGGY and ingroups, it'd be nice if more people would join the SHAGGY ingroup. I don't mean everybody write for it, but show up for the SHAGGY work sessions when they're announced. While we don't want everybody to act alike, in every respect, it's a pity that the LASFS seems to be divided into a SHAGGY ingroup, and Apa L ingroup, a cardplaying ingroup, an outing ingroup, etc. Help on SHAGGY is always welcome, and a well-run work session with a lot of group spirit is really fun. (That's when everybody comes prepared to work on SHAGGY, rather than dropping in for the "social occasion" and just sitting around watching the other people working, playing your hi-fi at full blast or watching TV at full volume. It's your house, but I'd un-invite the people who're more of a distraction than a help.) The old-time work-sessions, with 8 or a dozen people working, joking, eating spaghetti, and getting SHAGGY out in one 2-day weekend, were a ball.

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