Rabanos Radiactivos 188

What happened to the guest that the LASFS was expecting this month? I know that Mike Barrier couldn't make it from Little Rock, and now hopes to be able to visit L.A. sometime in Spring. Where's our Aussie visitor, though? Has anybody heard anything further from him?

The final draft of the new LASFS DIRECTORY will be passed around for any last corrections tonight. If you want to be listed, make sure you add your name, address, and telephone number to it. The DIRECTORY will be published in Apa L next week, and extra copies will be available for 10¢ each. Another new DIRECTORY won't be published until next June. There are around 25 new names in the new DIRECTORY, not to mention a number of new addresses and phone numbers for some of the old people, so this is a fanzine you'll find very handy. Due to a number of requests, as usual, a few copies of the DIRECTORY will be printed with the back page upside down, so that it can be taped to the wall next to the phone and just flipped over for easy reference. If you want one of these special copies, make sure you ask for it.

Zanahorias Electronicas

Cover -- (Harness) Okay; I think I get all the references except the one to 725 Curson Avenue. What is it; the City Dump? Incidentally, who suggested this cover -- you or Gerrold?

PROBABLY SOMETHING #132 -- (Digby) Would a time machine with horoscope symbols indicate that it would take you to the period covered by the symbol, or that it would take you to the constellation matching the symbol? (I guess that would make it a time/space machine.) Or that it would put you under the influence of the symbol to which you set the machine, no matter what your normal personal symbol is? I suppose you could set it up with the symbols of the Oriental zodiac,as well. ## What about elevators that either pick up or let out passengers, but not both?

NOTHUNG #7 -- (Reynolds) Yes, this week should see the publication of election platforms, if any. I get the impression that there aren't going to be many really distinct platforms, though. Dave Hulan, for instance, only seems to be promising to do a good job of presiding over the Meetings if elected. Frankly, this is all I want; people who're willing to show up on time and do a good job of serving as Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and, hopefully, club greeter, with a Senior Committeeman to take over as Director when the Director is absent or late -- which shouldn't happen often. I'd rather not see a closed slate running for all these offices. Unless more people than usual step forward in advance to run for these offices, they'll probably be filled in the usual way; by people nominated from the floor at the last minute and with no preparation. This isn't bad; we got Digby as Secretary that way, and he's been a pretty good Secretary. Of the people that I know of who're running for office, I'd rather see Dave Hulan as Director than Ted Johnstone; Dave has a firmer hand without being officious, and he's not late or absent as often. I'd rather see Bruce Pelz than Ed Baker as Treasurer; Bruce can keep better records, and his current schtick is building up the Building Fund -- let's take advantage of that, without allowing him to run wild. I'd like to see Lee Klingstein as Junior Committeeman; she's the best club greeter we've ever had that I know of. I'd like to see Len Bailes as Senior Committeeman, but I know that he won't run. Maybe Don Fitch, then, or Barry Gold. And of course, somebody may get nominated from the floor who just happens to seem at the moment like the perfect candidate, and I'll vote for him or her. So I'm not counting too much on published platforms in Apa L to help make up the club's mind in advance. ## I've seen both the old and new Hollywood versions of "Gunga Din", and I prefer the old one. The only re-make I can recall at the moment as being preferable to the older version is "The Prisoner of Zenda"; and it's been so long since I saw the Stewart Grainger version, and the Ronald Coleman version I saw was so badly cut on TV, that I'd rather not commit myself without being able to see both again under similar circumstances. I'd like to see the Fairbanks version of "The Thief of Baghdad" someday to compare it with the Korda version, which is superb.

FROM SUNDAY TO SATURDAY -- (Fitch) Overly-officious club officers seldom do anything to hurt the club; they just annoy a few people by their officiousness. Do-nothing officers, however, let the club slip to the point of disintegration. This doesn't hurt the LASFS as a social group so much, but it's very harmful to the LASFS as a club. There are some people who don't care whether the club continues or not; they're only interested in the social group, and they point out that the same people would get together for week-end parties or card sessions at the Lab or wherever we meet whether the LASFS officially met on Thursdays or not. This isn't true, though. It's the LASFS as a club that brings new recruits to the LASFS as a social group. I think that very few members of the social group would be in it if all they'd had to attract them was the typical pre- and post-meeting discussion groups in the first place. That's why I think that a do-nothing Director who ends the meetings as soon as possible is much more harmful than an officious Director who yells a bit, but who still has interesting programs to offer. ## Yes, I agree it's unwise to turn somebody out for wanting to Do Something, particularly when the alternative amounts to just Doing Nothing. ## I'm wondering if putting Evers' column in SHAGGY would be boring to SHAGGY readers as well? The discussion of pot in SHAGGY seems to have lived out its interest-span; Evers' column might inject new life into it, or it might just bore the people who're only neutral to pot at best, and who've read enough on the subject by now to satisfy them.

S.O.S. #7 -- (Barr) Your zine continues to be a combination of excellent art and excellent writing. Excellent linos, too...

THE HOUSE OF THE GAMES #130 -- (Kaiser) Well, I was talking about the LASFS' elections of procedural officers, though I suppose we'd better think about the Board of Directors as well. The only candidate I've got there that I really hope makes it is John Trimble. I've asked John, and he's interested. I think John's got more common sense than anybody else in the club, and is just the person to know what to do with what we've got without going too far.

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