¡Rábanos Radiactivos!
# 2280

Written by Fred Patten, and intended for Apa L, 2280th Distribution, LASFS Meeting No. 3728, January 22, 2009.
Golden State Colonial Convalescent Hospital, 10830 Oxnard Street, North Hollywood, California 91606-5098.
Telephone: hospital(818) 763-8247; personal (818) 506-3159 * eMail:fredpatten@earthlink.net

Anticipation in 2009! Aussiecon IV in 2010! Salamander Press #2764


After almost 45 years, I am finally quitting contributing to Apa L every week. I have run out of material to reprint that fans are likely to be interested in, and I do not have enough new things to say every week to fill more than a short paragraph or two. It is also hard to write with just one finger of my left hand. Most days in the convalescent home are like each other. I appreciate all the support that I have been given since my stroke, but I do not feel right in asking LASFans to continue donating to my printing expenses when I do not really have anything to say. I will continue to attend LASFS meetings as often as I can, and will enjoy reading Apa L. Goodbye.

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