Regarding the Theatre Party to see "Utopia, Ltd.", it seems as though no advance deposit is required for tickets. Therefore, considering the varied state of the finances I've collected so far -- some people giving me $1.75, some giving me $2.25, & others still different amounts -- instead of trying to collect odd quarters and half dollars from different people, I will refund all funds collected so far, and everybody can pay for his own ticket at the window. The price will be the full $2.25, unfortunately, since we only have 13 people signed up for the Party, instead of the minimum of 25 needed for the discount. Children and students do get a discount, though, so if you're going to college, be sure to mention the fact. For the record, those signed up are Ted & Lin Johnstone, Thomas Slate (2 tickets), Jack Harness, Len Bailes, Dwain Kaiser, Steve Schultheis, Felice Rolfe, Ed Meskys, Al Lewis, Tom Gilbert, & me. We've all got seats in the 8th row; if anybody else wants me to add their name to the list, I can't promise to get seats with the rest of us. The tickets are reserved under the name of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Soc'y and under my name; so you can ask for them either way. The tickets will be held until half an hour before show time, so pick them up before then; the person I talked to said the L.A. Savoy-Arts usually plays to sold-out houses, which may just be a lot of talk, but why take chances? To repeat the basic information, the play is on Saturday the 18th, at 8:30 p.m., at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium, 647 North San Vicente.

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This is going to be one of the smallest issues of RR in a long time, because everything is happening at once this week, and I don't have time for any more. Len Bailes and Bill Wolfenbarger were staying at our place from last Thursday until the weekend; Saturday, we took them down to Garden Grove and initiated them into that old LASFS pastime known as Moving the Trimbles. Sunday, Bill and Len went their separate ways, Bill going to the Thompsons and Len settling in his new dorm at UCLA. This week, my parents began moving out their Chesley Ave. address, where they've lived since before I was born, and where I lived up until last November. As a large part of my collection of books, prozines, and fanzines is still in storage at the old house, I've been having to move that fast if I don't want it to be lost. All this, plus trying to get the Sept. N'APA mailing out, plus getting the house cleaned up after last week's guests for this week's (Ed & Felice), plus having to get other fanzines out if I don't want to get dropped from other apas... Do you think I might possibly be overextended in Fandom at last? Well, hopefully things will be back to normal next week. Sorry there's no time for Dist'n Comments.


Intended for Apa L, Forty-Eighth Distribution, LASFS meeting no. 1466, September 16, 1965. Address: 1825 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90025. Phone: GRanite 3-6321.
San Diego in 1966! Cleveland in 1966! Salamander Press #122.
Rábanos Radiactivos number 48

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