Rábanos Radiactivos number 5
Written & published by Fred Patten on the LASFS Rex Rotary, November 17, 1964. Intended for Apa L, 5th Distribution, LASFS meeting #1423, November 19, 1964. Address: 5156 Chesley Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90043. Phone: 213 AXminster 1-1310.
LONCON II in 1965! Jock Root for TAFF! Salamander Press #57


Well, I'm not in 1825 Greenfield Avenue yet. I was all ready to move last weekend, but Al phoned at the last minute to say that he was in bed with a bad cold, and wouldn't be able to help move my bed and heavy furniture in his Econoline after all. I didn't feel like renting a trailer and doing the job myself; besides which, Ron was still there, as his plans for departure had been delayed a few days. So I'm still here at the old address for another week. Theoretically, the big move will now be made this coming weekend -- stay tuned for further details.

But that doesn't mean that I let this past weekend go to waste -- no, siree! First, I stenciled up that OMPAzine I'd been meaning to do next week for the past month and a half. And Sunday really saw a burst of fanac, in which I started hauling some of my more portable belongings out to 1825 Greenfield, ran off my OMPAzine, helped Steve Cartier run off his first fanzine, set fire to my pants while wearing Nick Falasca's, finally got my Hubert Rogers painting (that I bought at the DisCon) hung, and almost froze to death. Yes, chillun, that's the faaanish way to live!

- o0o - - o0o - - o0o -

I have just seen a real Sense of Wonder set of postage stamps. Issued by the Tonga Islands to honor the Pan-Pacific Southeast Asia Women's Association (gak!), they are stamped out of metal foil, so that they tinkle like pocket money, and they operate like bumper stickers -- you peel off the backing paper and stick 'em on the envelope. Four of the stamps, instead of being square or rectangular or triangular, are frilly-heart-shaped, as befits a ladies' group; the other four are cut into an outline of the capital island of Tongatapu, which makes for a weird-looking stamp indeed! This set has their round stamps beat all hollow for crogglement; if they are trying to attract attention (and tourists) by these unusual designs, they're certainly doing a good job.


Dian Pelz -- Boy, this Distribution's numbering system really got fouled up, didn't it? It's a good thing there's internal evidence to prove which one this really was. ## It's handy being OC, isn't it? As long as you're typing the table of contents for us, you'll never go unrepresented in the Distribution, even without a GOONEY BIRD.

Bruce Pelz -- Maybe Jack's Minutes could be corrected, but as I recall, they seldom were. I believe there is still a record in Jack's Minutes, and in the MENACE, of my bringing my brother to a LASFS Meeting. I don't have a brother. Whoever it was who brought his brother to one of our Meetings, we shall never know. I can't recall anybody in the Secretarial post that I'd consider really satisfactory. I guess Ted has done about the best overall job, but I'd like to keep trying new people at the job. ## Tom's DT inclusion at least had the article on Bradbury in it; Stine's inclusions couldn't be consider more than borderline political fantasies at best. If you do find something stfnal in the BRUIN, I wouldn't mind reading it -- but couldn't you just cut the article out instead of putting the whole newspaper through the Distribution?

Don Fitch -- I'll agree to the idea of an Emergency Credit system, allowing a non-attending member to miss a Distribution and still get a copy of it if he was represented in the previous four Distributions. But I would suggest that this character line up in advance an Agent to act on his behalf if & when, etc. Considering how fast the Distributions are grabbed by our contributing and attending members, there won't be any copies left for him afterwards unless someone reserves one before they're all gone. Should it be the OE's job to keep track of which members have been represented in the last four Distributions in a row? I don't think so. Let each member appoint his own Agent. By the way, I should like to formally suggest (not propose, yet) that the minimum number of copies of an Apa L zine be increased to 35. We've been running short of Distributions every week; five more copies would give us just about enough, and it's not that much work running off just five more copies of a two- or four- page fanzine. Comments?

Ted Johnstone -- Welcome aboard, finally. ## Stine sincere in his feuds? That's news to me; did you know that, Dian? ## But if so little went on at the Fanquet dinner, how come it didn't get out until midnight? ## if you want credit for naming the Al-Fred Foundation, you may get it -- like a punch in the mouth from Al. He feels quite strongly on the subject; you know how school teachers react to comic books. As far as he's concerned, it's 1825 Greenfield Ave. and nothing else!

Jack Harness -- Now this is the good old Harness humor that we want more of, instead of the minac you usually do everyplace. Very well done, and did you intend to make Mr. Oldwater's head look as though it was reposing on a dinosaur's neck? ## You leave my radioactive radishes out of your dirty conversations or I'll sic SuperCowboy on you.

Dave van Arnam -- If you're having trouble with Apa F and Apa L now, just wait until you get into SAPS and the Cult on a regular basis, to boot. And eventually, FAPA... ## The lack of any place for us to stay is what's urging Paul Turner to keep our Building Fund going, until we get enough to buy/build a place of our own. It seems a pretty farfetched dream, but we've already got over $1,000 in the kitty, which is farther than I ever thought it'd get, so who knows? It'd be nice to set out the LASFS library again.

Hank Stine -- Two enjoyable serials; keep 'em coming. "The Chalice of Life" is better than most of your fan writing so far, except for your Captain Future pastiche. Whatever happened to it? ## Only please don't type so close to the margins next time.

Tom Gilbert -- I don't back Farnam's Freehold for the "Hugo" myself; I just think it's his best book since Starship Troopers. ## You aren't the first to complain about LASFS being "cold to outsiders"; the argument is always the same. But if you do show any friendliness, some other member will start hinting that maybe we better not encourage the newcomer until we're more sure he'd be a desirable member, etc. No matter which side you take, someone's going to keep disagreeing with you, and I'm tired of arguing the point. I feel that when it gets to the point that we have to draft committees to go around showing friendliness, it's not worth it. When I'm feeling friendly (which is usually), I'll be friendly; I won't go out of my way to Make a Good Impression for the Club's Sake!

--Enough for now; 'til next week.

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