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The Fiction Section

Here for your entertainment are five stories written at various times, most of which have to do with my enjoyment of roleplaying games. Despite its manifest relation to Animal House, “We're All Bozos on This Bus”, is a fairly accurate writeup of an actual Other Suns expedition, if with a somewhat unusual crew balance. “Bheer Trek” started out as a less boring way to check communications overline than “Test.. Test.. Test..” but also forms a salute to the various folks involved in role playing on FurNet. “The Battle of the Tricksters” and “Why We Don't Visit the Sidhe” are both legends written in gaming backgrounds, the former for a freeform roleplaying session on FurNet, the latter from the land of Gaelan, the world I built for my characters to inhabit. “Booty” has nothing to do with any particular role playing game, but the backwater inn is a staple of gaming lore.

The other thing they all have in common is that I had much fun writing them. Hope you have as much reading them.

  1.  The Battle of the Tricksters
  2.  Bheer Trek
  3.  Booty
  4.  We're ALL Bozos on THIS Bus
  5.  Why We Don't Visit the Sidhe