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Some Pictures CC_2007

Alas, most of the photos I took at Richard and Devon's wedding came out deplorably (I still have to get the low light level settings on my camera figured out.) Here are the ones that survived:

Joe Bethancourt, Richard Creasey, Devon Black, Leslie Fish

Sorry about the angle, folks, but that was the best picture I got of Devon's gown.

Arrrrr! Always remember, Mateys, pillage THEN burn!

And now for the Kazoos!

Best Song about Vampires: "Gay Vampire Boogie" by Cynthia McQuillan

Best Song about Gifts: "The Murderous Little Toy" by Mike Roberts

Best Song about Bones: "Moving the Bones" by Dr. James Robinson

Best Song about Business: "One Size Fits All" by Cynthia McQuillan

Best Song about Ghosts: "Ferryman" by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish