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[last updated October 20, 2014]

Bawdy filk
The Bawdy Filk mailing list is gone, and filk too bawdy for rec.music.filk gets posted to alt.music.filk.

General Interest
Overflow Mailing List:

Created to have a place to take interesting discussions nobody wants to drop that wander off topic on rec.music filk. There's not nearly the amount of traffic we had on rmf these days, but the list is still there and it's a nice quiet place to talk. It's hosted by filknet; to subscribe either send a message to the fileserver at listar@filknet.org with the subject "subscribe overflow", or go to the filknet site, click on "mailing lists" and follow directions from there. If all else fails, email me and I'll subscribe you. All new addresses are run past me before being subscribed in order to keep out spammers and address leeches. Kay

FILKER on Facebook:
Most of the discussion that used to take place on rmf can be found on Facebook in the Filker group - follow Facebook's arcane request system, and please be sure to leave enough information for one of us to contact you, so you don't get confused with the spammers who are rife. Mods are Sean Cleary (who started the group), me, and one or two more I don't recall at the moment.

Recording Mailing List:
The list is intended for discussing all aspects of producing a filk recording, from how to mike an acoustic guitar all the way through to the best way of getting CD's duplicated and how to ship stuff to/from overseas. To join, mail to production-request@altrion.org with a message containing just the word 'subscribe' in its BODY. See also the website

Regional/National Mailing Lists
Warning - this list was last updated in 2009: any additions or corrections would be delightedly accepted, especially since I don't belong to any of them.
Anyone interested is free to subscribe - but beware: main language is German. To subscribe email
minimalist@filk.info with the subject: subscribe filk-de
or to Volker Tanger. A Web archive is available for list members only (password safed).

United Kingdom
Folk can subscribe either by:- send an email to filk_uk@filklore.com with *SUBSCRIBE in the subject line (the * is important) or, fill in the form
although the FILK_UK list is now administered from filk_uk@filklore.co.uk, the above two addresses are both valid and still work.

SF Bay Area filk mailing list
To subscribe send email with "subscribe" in message body to ba-filk-request@lists.best.com.

Oregon and points North
Emerald Forest Filk List
To subscribe send email with "subscribe" in message body to filk-request@emeraldforestfilk.org.

New York
New York Filkers List
To subscribe send email to nycfilk-request@filknet.org with the word "subscribe" in the subject, go to Filknet and follow the directions, or if all else fails send email to Dave Weingart at phydeaux@liii com.

Texas Mailing Lists:
Unmoderated, for discussion: texasfilk-discuss@filknet.org
Moderated for event announcements and such: texasfilk-announce@filknet.org
See also the website.

To join, go to Filknet and follow the directions, or send an e-mail to whichever address you want to join, adding "-request" before the at sign, e.g.: texasfilk-discuss-request@filknet.org, and putting the word "subscribe" in the body. You'll then have to reply to the subscription confirmation message to join the list.

Other mailing lists:
See Filknet, and Yahoo for other filk-related mailing lists. (Filknet is particularly recommended if you want to start one.)