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New to this? Here's a simple filk page to get you started. Enjoy!

Filk Frequently Asked Questions

last update January 28, 2019

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Will users of this who see something we really don't need any more in here please write me about it?

  1. What the Heck is Filk Music?
  2. What Does (Fill in the Blank) Mean?
    (the above includes the album errata listing For The Record)
  3. Welcome to the Filk Circle
  4. Filk Etiquette
  5. What are the Rules and Customs of the Rec.Music.Filk Newsgroup?
    (the above includes the newsgroup archive information)
  6. Whyforhowcome My RMF Posts are Coming Out Weird?
  7. "The Obvious Tune" and Other Faux Pas
  8. Mailing Lists etc.
  9. Addresses Of Various Filk Sellers
  10. * Other Filk Resources
  11. When/Where's The Next Filk Con?
  12. What About Other Filkish Events?
  13. What Are The Pegasus Awards?
  14. What Are The Kazoo Awards?
  15. What Is The Filk Hall Of Fame?
  16. Where Else Can I Filk?
  17. What Did (Filk Publisher) Publish?
  18. My Isp Dropped Usenet! Where Can I Find Rec.Music.Filk?
Note: Various portions of this FAQ that have email addresses have had them slightly modified in an obvious and easily corrected manner to avoid collection by autospammer software. This won't deal with the ones who actually READ the file, but it should at least help. (Any spammers reading this... did you ever have to cover the kids' sandbox because the neighborhood cats thought it was for THEM? Use the same restraint you wish the cats did.) --Kay

Users of filk may also be interested in FilkNet and The Dandelion Report. See also the Filker groups on Facebook, MeWe, and lord knows how many other social media. We're pretty social after all. :)

Can't figure out where else to put it in this FAQ so what the heck, here's a link to McCabes Guitar Shop, the most useful place in Santa Monica, CA if you have anything to do with stringed instruments (or like to listen to those who do.) Or drums. Or tin whistles. Or.. oh, just go see the place if you can - is much fun!