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(last updated May 1, 2010)
Announcing The Filkipedia!
Created by Michelle Bottorff. What it sounds like. Click on the link and all shall be revealed...

A Radio Show:
WAIF Public Radio in Cincinnati has a regular weekly program called "Orion's Nebula", on Thurdays at 3-4 pm. An hour of broadcast filk every week, thanks to the DJ/programmer there, Bill Bacher.
Bill writes: WAIF now has a website: http://www.waif883.org . Among the stuff you can find there is a page with a streaming feed of the broadcast. This is a mixed blessing because the audio quality of the live feed is pretty bad. On the same page, though,an archive is kept of broadcasts. A program is archived for 96 (I think) hours after broadcast, and the sound quality is OK for these downloads. Again, it is a mixed blessing, because the archives are indexed in a confusing manner: they are stored in units of 1 hour length, and indexed by the ending hour of the unit, not by the show name. Also last fall I noticed that the links were not changed when Daylight Savings Time ended, which can be really confusing.

A Project of Interest:
Team Filk at SETI@home. Click here to see how the team is doing, and here to download the client and run the SETI search on your home (or work or school) computer.

And one involving Copyright:
Coalition for the Future of Music


dmoz directory of filk pages
German Filk Page
German Filk page filk.info
Joe Kesselman's Filk Resources
Links to Darn Near All the Filk on the Web, by Subject
Maureen O'Brien's Russian Filk Links page
Michael McAfee's Filk Primary Sources
The Muse's Muse (songwriting resource)
Mudcat Cafe
On Line Guitar Archives
The Filk Book Database
Real Old Time Religion
Songs Alive! Songwriter support group.
Steve Savitsky's Interesting Places For Musicians and Music-Lovers
the-music-directory.com - The Music Directory, a collection of links to music related websites and newsgroups.
The Open Directory Project
(For The Taper's Guide to Recorded Filk contact "Taper" Glen Simser at cx692@freenet carleton ca)



See also Dansm's tab links for links to a lot of tab files and here for a blank tablature sheet.


are available from Chris Croughton. See his website for details.

See also the ABC notation information page. This includes programs for translating files into sheet music, and for playing tunes from ABC files.


The Filk Ring , Alexander James Adams , Avalon Rising , Joe Bethancourt , Eric Bogle , The Boogie Knights , Michele Bottorff , Steve Brinich , The Chromatics , Robert B. Cooke , Meg Davis , Leslie Fish see also her blog , Nancy Louise Freeman , Glass Hammer , Judith Hayman , Blake Hodgetts , Janis Ian , Bob Kanefsky , Joe Kesselman , Jodi Kramps , Michael Kube-McDowell , Christine Lavin , Mark A. Mandel , Ben Newman , Maureen O'Brien , Ookla the Mok , Steve Savitsky , Luke Ski , Tom Smith , Space Vipers , Tempest Web Page , Tri-Destiny , Urban Tapestry , Dave Weingart , Camille West , Windbourne , Rob Wynne




The Capitol Steps
Clark S. Lindsey's Space Filk/Folk Page
The Filkado Script and pictures from the performance at NorEascon 4, also the video (requires Javascript)
JRRT Tolkien Music (titles, album list, some lyrics)
Leslie Fish sample mp3s from available albums
Martin GK's Filk Archive
The Red Songbook of Westmarch
Tom Digby Recordings
The Virtual Filksing (the largest on-line archive of filk recordings on the Internet, including[currently] unpublished works by Leslie Fish, Julia Ecklar, Kathy Mar, and others.)
The Voices of Fandom - Recordings from the World of Science Fiction. June podcast is a Frank Gasperik memorial.
And the Filkive project!


The Daily Vault does recording reviews including filk. Contact brightriver@iquest.net for details.

Please let me know of any additions/corrections to the above information.