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(courtesy Mary Creasey, by way of Harold Stein - Thanks, Mary, Harold! Also thanks to Jerrie Adkins for turning up the number for Bayfilk 3:Backstage.)
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(?)=my best guess based on the data

Number Unknown (anybody?)Traveller (Julia Ecklar)
OCP-01(?)1st Westerfilk collection, first release June, 1980
OCP-02(?) Crystal Singer songbook (McQuillin) 7/80
OCP-03(?) Crystal Memories songbook (McQuillin, Philip Wayne) June 1981
OCP-04 Best Of Filkcon West 2/82
OCP-05 Juanita Coulson At Filkcon West 2/82
OCP-06 Crystal Memories (McQuillin) 4/82
OCP-07 Margaret Middleton At Bayfilk [1] 5/82
OCP-08 Skybound (Leslie Fish's first solo tape for OCP) 5/82
OCP-10 Bayfilk 1 Concert 6/82
OCP-11 Best Of Bayfilk 1 5/82
OCP-12 Best Of Chi-Con IV 6/82
OCP-14 Cold Iron (first Kipling/Fish album, 1st ed. 1983) 3/83 [remastered and re-released in 1987 by OCP; re-recorded by FAMI, 1991]
OCP-14B (songbook for above) (reprinted in Jan 1987)
OCP-15 Bayfilk Crazies 6/82
OCP-16 Space Heroes & Other Fools (space anthology, Ecklar, Prather) 8/83
OCP-18 Minus Ten & Counting (space anthology tape) 7/83
OCP-18B(?) (songbook for above)
OCP-19 Songs Of The Dorsai (Dickson, songs & stories) 8/83
OCP-21 Singer in the Shadow (Northern ed.) McQuillin 2/83 [There is also a Southern ed., dated 9/83; I don't have a number] The songbook is dated 1986.
OCP-22 Horse-Tamer's Daughter (anthology, Ecklar) 12/83
OCP-22B (songbook for above)
OCP-23 Best Of Constellation 2/83
OCP-24 Songbird (Kathy Mar's first OCP album) 2/84
OCP-25 Music Of The Rainbow King (S. Sucharitkul, classical) ?
OCP-26 Rifles & Rhymes (Martha Keller/Juanita Coulson) 7/84
OCP-27 Storyteller (Anne Harlan Prather) 6/84 The songbook is dated 1985
OCP-28 Bayfilk II Concert Vol. 1 4/84
OCP-29 Bayfilk II Concert Vol. 2 4/84
OCP-30 Best Of Bayfilk II 6/84
OCP-31 Bayfilk II Dredgings 6/84
OCP-32 A Wolfrider's Reflections (ElfQuest) 8/84
OCP-32B (songbook for above)
OCP-34 The Wurm Wald Post-Revel Songbook (SCA-related), 1984
OCP-35 Genesis (Julia Ecklar album) 3/83
OCP-36 On A Bright Wind (Kathy Mar's 2nd OCP album) 12/84
OCP-37 Captain Jack & the Mermaid (Meg Davis, #1) 11/84
OCP-37B (songbook for above), 1988 (possibly a republishing date)
OCP-38 Brandywine (folk anthology; Fish, Mar, Ecklar, etc.) 2/85
OCP-39 Dream Of Light Horses (Meg Davis, #2) 12/84
OCP-40 Rat Mastersongs (LA 1984 WorldCon) 3/85
OCP-41Little Rat Music (LA 1984 WorldCon) 3/85
OCP-42 OVFF Concert Vol. 1 (these three from OVFF 1) 3/85
OCP-43 OVFF Concert Vol. 2 3/85
OCP-44 Best Of OVFF 3/85 [after this, the tapes were labeled with OCP numbers]
OCP-45 Finity's End (C.J. Cherryh tie-in anthology) 7/85
OCP-46 Murder, Mystery & Mayhem (Mercedes Lackey lyrics) 6/85
OCP-47 Time Winds Tavern (anth.: Fish, Mar, McQuillin et al) 11/85
OCP-48 Undertaker's Horse (2nd Kipling/Fish album) 9/85
OCP-50 Don't Ask (Frank Hayes) 8/86
OCP-51 Bamboo Wind (Kathy Mar's 3rd OCP album) 9/85
OCP-52 Shadow Spun (Cindy McQuillin) 2/86
OCP-53 Snow Magic (fantasy anthology) 3/86
OCP-56 Chickasaw Mountain (Leslie Fish; folk/pagan/fantasy) 8/86
OCP-60 Lila the Werewolf (Peter Beagle reads 2 stories)
OCP-61 Turnabout (reading by Mary Mason of a Lackey story) ?/86 [note: the version released by Firebird is not the same]
OCP-62 Loom Of Thessaly (reading, David Brin story)
OCP-64 Cosmic Concepts More Complete (Diana Gallagher) 11/85
OCP-65 Austin Ditty Limits (con tape, 1985 Austin NASFiC)
OCP-68 Starsong (Diana Gallagher) 7/85
OCP-70 Challenger Memorial (from Bayfilk 3) ?/86
OCP-71 Bayfilk 3: Center Stage, March 1986
OCP-72 Bayfilk 3: On Stage, March 1986
OCP-73 Bayfilk 3: Stage Struck 8/86
OCP-74 Bayfilk 3: Back Stage 5/86
OCP-75 Past Due (Bill Sutton album) 8/86
OCP-76 Second Wurm Wald Post-Revel Songbook (see OCP-34)
OCP-77 It Was Late... (songbook, Bayfilk 3) ?/86
OCP-82 Rebel Yells (from 1986 Worldcon, ConFederation) 12/86
OCP-83 Yankee Doodles (as above)
OCP-84 Quarks & Quests (OCP sampler anthology)
OCP-85 Where No Man... (Star Trek anthology) 3/87
OCP-86 Swing the Cat (Meg Davis #3) 7/87
OCP-88 The Grim Roper (Bill Roper album) 7/87
OCP-90 Heralds, Harpers & Havoc (Lackey, Heralds/Valdemar) 9/87
OCP-92 Dr. Jane's Science Notes (Dr. Jane Robinson album) 8/87
OCP-93 Free Fall & Other Delights (space anthology; CMQ etc.) 11/87
OCP-96 (?)[Fever Season] [originally planned as an OCP tape]
OCP-97 Of Shoes & Ships (Cecelia Eng album) 7/88
OCP-98 Songbook Pusher (Heather Rose Jones songbook)
OCP-99 It's Sister Jenny's Turn To Throw the Bomb (Fish folk) 8/87
OCP-102 Lovers, Heroes & Rogues (Michael Longcor)
OCP-105 Kingdom of Valdemar Map (Lackey tie-in) (last known OCP number)