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last updated February 14, 2016
Being an incomplete list of filking associations in existance; anybody knowing more of them please let me know.


Vancouver Island, Victoria, PondsideMusic
Pondside Music
Juliana and Douglas McCorison Hosts of Pondfilk, and other filksings on irregular occasions, see the website for contact info.
UFO (United Filkers of Ontario)
See website, or contact
Jane Garthson
jane insert the obvious garthsonleadership insert the other obvious ca 416-224-0714


Social (not singing) meetings monthly.
The last Friday of each month, unless moved to avoid clashing with a convention.

Regular singing meetings (SWiGGLes) three times a year, the day after the April, July and October social meetings. These are held in Finchley, North London.

Rafe Culpin
12 Tower Hamlets Road
E17 4RH
(020) 8521 3784
rafe@ filk co uk http://www.filk.co.uk/


Filk circles are frequently on changing locations (filker's homes).
Please contact:
Kirstin & Volker Tanger
Am Rosenhag 24a
12623 Berlin
E-Mail: kirstin@filk info / volker@filk info
Web: http://www.filk.info


The Phoenix Filk Circle has been having monthly filks for many years now. We try to rotate hosts so that they are scattered all over the valley. We meet on Saturday nights which vary month to month.
Mailing address for the circle is
Elizabeth Burnham
1232 E Sequoia
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Phones: 602-516-9484-Elizabeth
602-569-1007 Chris

Los Angeles/Orange County area
LA Filkers Anonymous
meets monthly, different locations each month; see the website or watch rec.music filk (FILK) for announcements.

San Diego
San Diego Monthly Filking
1st Saturdays, starting 6 PM
4158 Decoro St.
San Diego, CA 92122
Email for apt. #
Email: SDFilk@WeFu org
Web Page: http://www.sandiegofilk.com/

I want to reestablish a filk circle in San Diego.

San Francisco/Silicon Valley
Bi-monthly filksings are being held at Bob Kanefsky's Condo Clubhouse in Mountain View. To be added to SF Bay Area filksing announcement list, sign up for ba-filk-announce. Or just drop Eli a note at
P.O. Box 71054
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
eli@prometheus-music com.

Meets at various homes
There is a mailing list:
Click here to join denverfilk
Click to join denverfilk

High Reaches Elphame
96 Dartmouth Place
Woodland Park CO 80863
Give us a call, we'll clue you in on what is planned.

Greater Atlanta FIlkers Anonymous (GaFiA)
Michael Liebmann
1217 Woodland Avenue #2
Atlanta, GA 30324

404-321-2112 (home/message)
Meetings are set up quarterly. Notices are sent electronically. To be put on the mailing list, see the Filknet website or send your request to sffilk@bellsouth net
Chicago Housefilks
4th Saturday of the month starting November 25, 2000 at 1519 W. Taylor Street, apartment 2.
eloise@ripco com

Cedar Rapids/Iowa City
Monthly. For details contact filksinger at gmail dot com
The Triangle Filk
Wichita Kansas - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Not monthly, but we get together whenever we can.
Mike & Marcha Diggs
(no calls after 10pm Central)
mikediggs@aol com

Occasional floating housefilk; contact Steve Brinich (sbrinich@bigfoot com or 703-913-1748) if you want to be on the notification list.

M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C.
c/o Ellen Kranzer
18 Cottage Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474
Phone: 781 646-3118
email: info@massfilc.org
website: http://www.massfilc.org
mailing list: to join, got to http://www.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/filkers or send the message "subscribe" to filkers-request@massfilc.org .
to send a message, send mail to filkers@massfilc.org
To be notified of meetings by U.S. Snail, contact Gary McGath, 8 Ardon Drive, Hooksett, NH 03106
Meets in Massachusetts (except when we meet in New Hampshire). We meet monthly in various locations.

The OK Chorale
The OK Chorale, a filk/folk chorale modeled loosely on the N'Early Music Consort of London, meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month in Somerville MA USA. All voices, ranges, and levels of ability welcome. Contact Rachel Silverman at gingi (at) pobox (dot) com for more information, or subscribe to the mailing list at http://www.filknet.org.

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Monthly housefilks, usually on the 4th Saturday of the month. For more info and/or to be added to the monthly invitation email, contact Rich Brown at rab "at" freemars "dot" org
or call 651-646-2159
See M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C. under Massachusetts.

The Society of Noisy Albuquerque Filkers, Unincorporated
Box 40342
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87196
(505) 255-4642
mtmduke at qwest net

New York Metropolitan Filk Organization, Inc.
No permanent home
Bruce Adelsohn
brucea at yorick ny cybernex net
New York City filkdom. Regular filksings now being established; tentative schedule: 2nd Sunday of the month. (watch alt.music.filk for announcement of resumption of same.)

See also the New York Filkers Mailing List.
Eugene Home-Made Music and Filk Singing Society
appears to have vanished and I can't reach the contact address.
Anybody know if this still exists?

Friends of Filk
Portland OR
Friends of Filk is a non-profit association of filk volunteers
from the Pacific Northwest which raises funds by selling filk/folk music, songbooks, etc. at various local sf conventions (primarily Orycon, Rustycon, Dreamcon, Norwescon and the odd Pacific NW-based Westercons) and uses these funds to:
a) sponsor special guests at local conventions.
b) provide a portable photocopiers at conventions and filk circles.
c) publish the occasional newsletter announcing filk events.
Contact: Cecilia Eng c/o Finity's End
1710 SE Belmont
Portland OR 97214-2726

See M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C. under Massachusetts.
Housefilk, central SC, every other month, crash space available, contact Mondotps@aol com for info.

There is a discussion about starting a rotating monthly Texas housefilk currently underway on the unmoderated Texas filk mailing list

Not exactly filking, but the nearest thing I know about happening on a regular basis (and open w/o some form of invitation): SCA Barony of the Steppes Bardic Gathering: schedule subject to change, see Baronial website. Medieval / Renaissance style preferred; filks should generally be related to life in the SCA / "Current Middle Ages" or pre-1600 history (but various "compatible" items have been performed on a fairly regular basis.)
Contacts: Mike C. Baker (kihebard@hotmail com) or best current info available through website (check on the Guilds section...)


We don't have a specific Person In Charge, but messages to SYSOP at The Round Table (1:106/1393, (713) 922-1393) will get you information about what, if anything, is currently going down in southeast Texas. J-Mag


We meet monthly except when we want to go elsewhere. Contact zaivalananda@gmail.com for information.
Salt Lake City area

Utah Filk Organization (UFO) meets twice monthly. Contact adydawnya@yahoo.com for information.

Although we are just starting again to have regular gatherings in the Seattle area, when we filk at my house we usually start about noon, have a pot luck or pizza, and play till we drop. Unfortunately my new work schedule made me drop about 10 pm last time. I'm going to work on that because there were some whom I am sure were not ready to quit.
By the way, if you are in our area, intersted in house filks, and not on my mailing list or our email filk list, drop me a line and I'll put you on the lists. We are going to be trying to get together monthly again. We had probably 18 people show up for the September filk.
contact Steve Dixon at steven e dixon@boeing com

A small group of folks in the area have been having regular monthly house filks for the last years. For information, contact Art Werneke at Warnart2@naspa net