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Anthro #4, Mar.-Apr. 2006. The First Furry Anthology for the Mainstream

Anthro #14, Nov.-Dec. 2007. The Fuzzy Story

Anthro #32, Nov.-Dec. 2011. The Furry Novel That Nobody Has Read

Fred's weekly Cartoon Research column, Funny Animals And More.

The Comics Journal #57, Summer 1980, Breathtaking Adventure Serial, p. 42. Review of Manhunter: The Complete Saga, by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson; Excalibur Enterprises, 1979, 92 p.

The Comics Journal #57, Summer, 1980, The Illustrated Stars My Destination, p. 50. Review of Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination: The Graphic Story Adaptation, Vol. 1, by Howard Chaykin & Byron Preiss; Baronet Pub. Co., 1979.

The Comics Journal #64, July 1981, Biased Encyclopedia from Horn, p. 50. Review of The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, edited by Maurice Horn.

The Comics Journal #73, July 1982, One of the Best, p. 28. Review of Valerian, by Jean-Claude Mezieres and Pierre Christin.

The Comics Journal #75, September 1982, Books Without Pictures: Looney Tunes, p. 94. Review of Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, by Gary K. Wolf. (Comment from author)

The Comics Journal #94, October 1984, Mangamania!, p. 44. Essay on Japanese manga.

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