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Fred Patten
December 11, 1940 - November 12, 2018

From a post relayed from Fred's sister, Sherry Patten to Facebook
On November 1st Fred Patten was found "non-responsive" at his convalescent facility, moved to a hospital where he was treated but never regained consciousness, and died on November 12, 2018.
As we were not a religious family, Fred's body is being cremated. I don't plan on any "service" for Fred, tho I hope when his death is announced at the next LASFS meeting, some members will recall some "good old Fred Patten stories". Since Fred became a member of LASFS (July 28, 1960),...he always thought of LASFS as "his family".

Memorials on the LASFS page.

December 9th - 2:00 PM - Gathering in honor of Fred Patten at the home of his favorite cherry cheesecake, Big Jim's Family Restaurant.

All LASFS MEMBERS (& their companions) will be the guests of Fred's sister, Sherry Patten (Sherry will "pick up the tab" for the event, for everything). But, please let LASFS president Michelle Pincus know if you do plan to attend, so the restaurant can get an idea of how many will be in the FRED PATTEN PARTY.

Big Jim's Family Restaurant
8950 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352

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