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February 2018

On February 10, Fred and Sherry are taken in an Ambience Medical Transportation ambulette to the Regency Theatre in the Plant Shopping Center in Van Nuys to see the 2017 film Paddington 2. After, they go to lunch at the HomeTown Buffet there, before calling Ambience to be taken back to Fred's hospital. On February 14, Fred and Sherry are taken in an Ambience ambulette to the Burbank Center, where they meet Roy Pounds, II and see the 2018 film Peter Rabbit at the AMC Burbank 16 Theater. After, they go to lunch at Steak 'n Shake.

On February 21, Fred and Sherry are taken in an Ambiance ambulette to the office of dermatologist Dr. Vincent Hung in Pasadena, where he performs minor surgery on Fred's scalp to remove a skin cancer. They have lunch at Super Burger next to Dr. Hung's office. On February 27/28, the press release for Fred's new anthology, What the Fox?!, is posted on Flayrah and File 770. On February 28, Fred and Sherry are taken in an Ambience ambulette to the office of Dr. Vincent Hung for a followup examination of his surgery on Fred's scalp. He says that it's satisfactory, but to come back in three weeks for another followup inspection.

January 2018

On January 10, Sherry's 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan is rear-ended and the rear bumper is knocked loose. On January 12, the Geico insurance inspectors report that her minivan is totally destroyed because it will cost more to repair than it is worth, due to all the electronics that have been ruined by the collision, and she needs to buy a new vehicle. On January 18, Sherry buys a 2018 Honda Odyssey LX minivan, but she will not take Fred out again until she feels comfortable driving it.

On January 24, Fred and Sherry go from Fred's hospital in an American Best Care Medical Transportation ambulette to dermatologist Dr Vincent Hung in Pasadena, to discuss and make an appointment to have minor surgery to remove a skin cancer from Fred. On January 28, Roy Pounds, II comes to Fred's hospital to help Sherry get him into & out of her new minivan, but it turns out to be impossible. After three hours of trying, they ask the hospital for help to put him back to bed. On January 29, Fred gets a royalty statement from McFarland that 51 copies of Furry Fandom Conventions were sold during the July-December 2017 period.

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